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Briere on the 4th line!


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Piss poor reporting, once again. Yes, Briere practiced on the fourth line. I've watched Therrien's and Briere's interview about it last night and to even insinuate that Habs' management is "less than thrilled" or that he's "fallen out of favours" is sentionalism, nothing less. Therrien said that it takes time to adjust to the new system and that while Briere might start the game on the fourth line, that can change quickly. Briere understands.

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@Habsterix  You will find out the hard way, Danny boy outright refuses to play defense on most nights, and floats through entire weeks/months.


I'm not denying this, I'm only saying that it's a bit early to jump the gun, especially hockeybuzz with senstionalism reporting. Therrien himself downplays the move and so did Briere, who responded with a goal and an assist against the Jets last night.

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I'm really shocked to hear from Flyers fans that Briere was anything but effective for them... He's one of the most clutch players in that franchise's recent history. In 68 playoff games with just the Flyers, Briere scored 72 points! And no one said, "Hooray, we got Daniel Briere! Now we have an excellent defensive forward!" If anyone thought Briere was going to kill penalties and win the Selke award is delusional. Yes Briere is having a slow start to the season, but I'm sure he'll turn it around

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