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my apologies to Calgary


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With all due respect to the avalanche and the Sharks who lead the league with ten wins, or the Rangers or Flyers who have stumbled out of the gate, the biggest surprise to me hands down in the NHL this season is the Calgary Flames, who have started the season with 12 points in 12 games.

  This is a team picked dead last by damn near everyone, who Bob Hartley has playing their butts off every night. In spite of massively inferior goaltending and a general lack of talent the club has surprised a few teams, beating three playoff teams from last season already.

  Jiri Hudler leads the team with 13 points in 12 games. Sean Monahan a future stud leads the club with six goals. Playing decent hockey, actually exciting end to end hockey with a lot of scoring, now captain and one of the only blueliners who knows how to cover his zone Giordano is out for 6-8 weeks.

  Their next two weeks have an absolute brutal schedule which could make or break a club like this. Hartley was on my short list of coaches to get whacked but he has done an amazing job keeping these guys from imploding. congrats to the Flames on a solid start.

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 I had the Flames penciled in for dead last and the first crack at Ekblad or Reinhart. The fact that a team with that lack of talent has twice as many points as my Flyers even though we're finally getting goaltending shows theres something rotten in Philly. Monohan looks like a great pick for them. That was one of the slowest "blow it up" rebuilds I've ever seen take place...but now that it has it's looking good.

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In spite of massively inferior goaltending


Till Reto Berra....this guy may be a steal.


I watched him this past WC and even though he was the backup for Gerber, the only games i watched he was in net...kid was outstanding and would have loved for the Flyers to slip in and offer him a two way deal like he got in Calgary.


I think this guy is going to be the starter from here on out.


I also don't know how Reto Suri didn't get a offered after the tournament he had. Or Denis Hollenstein.


If he playes the way i seen him play he'll stick.

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