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Kyle Turris


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@flyercanuck  I recall many posters saying Kyle was a "flop" and a wasted pick etc because he did not light the world on fire for the Yotes as a 18-20 year old. Just another reason to be patient. It's to early to call Runblad a bust etc, but I'm thinking Turris would look pretty good on Yotes as a 1st line center...they didn't wait long enough to let him gain some weight and experience. Phoenix already has OEL, Yandle, Morris etc on defense, they needed depth at center much more than adding Runblad to an already strong blueline. Didn't get the trade when it happened and with each passing game it looks worse for Phoenix.

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  I think Turris holding out was one of the biggest jokes at the time, he was not playing as well as he could or should have been and it was an insult to the Coyotes to hold out when he was not living up to the billing.

  Rundblad has not panned out, Turris learning behind Spezza is a wonderful place for him and with a plethora of young aggressive snipers surrounding him Turris has to feel like a kid in a candy store. I still have a bit of a touchy spot, holding it against Turris for the holdout but as a quasi-Senators fan I am enjoying his growth.

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@yave1964  The trade was a master stroke by Murray. With all the continuing injury problems of Spezza, who knows where the Sens would be if Turris was not there to save the day everytime Spezza went down. Turris played a big role in advancing the Sens when Spezza was out in the first round. Murray literally saved the franchise with this awesome deal. I'm hoping Pageau ends up with more ice time, maybe even convert him to center, the puck seems to follow this kid around, I think he's gonna be special.

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