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2014-15 Salary Cap may be near $70M


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Tweet from earlier today.

NHL govs likely to get (14-15) cap projection from league when they meet early next week in California. Sounds like it may be around $70M.
That is an increase of 6-7M.   ah yes why did we have a lockout ?   -- so the Owners would keep a larger share of the profits.  
Here is some of the crazy projections through 2021-22 via twitter of @mirtle from the globe and mail.  I wish I could say the same for the percentage increase of my salary.
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Good. Glad the salary cap is increasing.

Never was a fan of capping salaries to begin with...in ANY sport.


I know that sounds strange coming from a fan of traditionally small market teams (Tampa and Minnesota), but I've always felt that if teams managed to get themselves to high revenue status, they should be allowed to spend it how they please.

I DO like salary floors however. At least, it keeps owners a bit honest in having to put at least some money back into their franchises.


Nothing too crazy about the floors....just something fair enough where owners can not spend a ton if they choose not too, but at the same time not pocket all the money and actually put out a competitive team on a yearly basis.


People talk about player loyalties and how players don't stay with one team for their careers anymore, well, a salary cap virtually ensures that, though I know many other factors are at work.

I think hockey globally, has enough talent so that even a low payroll NHL team CAN compete with a high payroll team, if the hearts in the players is big enough.


Plus, as a small market supporter, how SWEET is it to watch some high payroll, high profile team take nosedives in the standings and get beat out by some mid rank or low rank payroll team...simply because the lower paid team  has guys that want a championship more? Awesome!

And also, those same high paying teams end up choking on their own large player contracts because the player making that much gets complacent.

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ah yes why did we have a lockout ? -- so the Owners would keep a larger share of the profits




Doesn't it make you mad when Gary Bettman refers to hockey as "our game"?  His "game" is to fatten the bank accounts of the owners.   Sometimes that helps the players, but it usually screws those of us who buy tickets. 

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