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Grigorenko refuses to report to the QMJHL Remparts


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Sabres want Grigorenko to play hockey and they want him to do it with his junior team, the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL, as they assigned him there yesterday.  However Grigorenko is refusing to report.  At 19 years old, Grigorenko doesn’t have many options on where to go as he is too young to be assigned to the AHL.  Thus juniors is his only outlet if he’s not staying in Buffalo.


Grigorenko posted this on his face book page....  


I doubt the Sabres want Grigo to bolt to the KHL.  So with a few injuries on the team, and a team that is at the bottom of the league, why make a fuss about this?  Why not keep Grigo on the team, give him some minutes and let him develop in the NHL?

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One of the main reasons there were only 12 Russians drafted last year,. A lot of them have this princess complex going on, they think they've already paid their dues at 18. It's why a talent like Nichushkin drops to 10th when he likely should have went top 4.

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He has talent, but I doubt his dedication. 


FC's term "princess complex" seems dead on. 


Most kids would do anything for a shot at an NHL gig.   This kid evidently feels that he's entitled. 


Too bad. 

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I wonder if some of this entitlement from Russian players comes from their system. Do they have an intervening league over there? Or can they jump straight to the elite teams at a younger age? 


There have been some good threads on this topic re: the rules around the CHL / AHL / NHL eligibility. I don't think it's the best it can be right now. 


Just reading his Facebook post, I can't tell if his issue is that he doesn't want to be in the Q (and would be ok with AHL), or if it's NHL or bust for him right now.

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If junior is his problem, why did he come over and play there in the first place? Oh, because he wanted his best chance at making the nhl that's why. And he got his chance, but isn't ready yet. So suck it up for HALF A SEASON and go back to the team that helped you toward your dream you friggin prima donna!

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Grigorenko to report to QMJHL




The Sabres announced late Sunday night that 19-year-old center Mikhail Grigorenko had decided to accept his assignment to the Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League.

“We can’t control what people do and what they say, but we certainly can control how we’re going to try to run this organization and what we feel is necessary for the development of young players,” Nolan said. “The tail can’t wag the dog. The dog wags the tail.

“So we feel as an organization, it’s best for him to develop in junior hockey and that’s not taking anything away from him. He’s got some skills and he’s got some ability, but in order for him to play at this level, we just need a little bit more.”

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Nolan's comments about the dog/tail relationship.


I've watched some of Nolan's interviews this year.  He's really good at fielding questions and making points.    


Has he always been that adroit?

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