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I Think Babcock is Reading Out Posts


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After many weeks of calling for it by just about everyone in this forum, it looks like we'll finally get our wish (one of them, anyway).


In order to make room for the returning tonight against the Caps, Henrik Zetterberg, Mike Babcock will sit Danny Cleary instead of moving down one of the rookies.


Also, subbing in will be Jakub Kindl in place of Brian Lashoff.  


Let's see if it works in our favor.


Jimmy Howard likely starting in goal tonight.

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It IS about time. There comes a point before which if you try to transition from the old to the new, there will be more negatives than positives. That time has passed. Yes, these kids will make mistakes. There will be games when for a moment we may want a veteran player, but who can deny that watching Red Wing hockey the way these kids are playing and scoring isn't better than HOPING that the old guys could play defense well enough to win a game 2-1? That was getting old, and it CERTAINLY wasn't headed anywhere close to a Stanley Cup. Soon, opponents are going to have to decide who they are gonna defend with their 1-pair, Nike or Tats. Or Sheahan! (You can already see the complications developing.)

I mentioned the signs that Babcock had made the mental shift from loyalty to the old guard to development of the younger players. Cleary sitting was the not logical step. He may be late pulling that trigger, but he has finally pulled it. Hopefully he can continue to develop structure, responsibility and confidence I. The heads of these young guys in time to make a decent run. Give 'me something solid to build on. That Chicago game was a key turning point in this season I think. They will have setbacks like the Flyers game. But I like what he's starting to do.

And did ya see shots were 45-29 in favor of Detroit? That hasn't happened to often of late, and it's refreshing to see. A number of the kids had great opportunities during this game.

Now if we could just get the PP going...<sigh>

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@SpikeDDS  It seems obvious now, but signing Cleary was more about being sentimental than addressing an actual need. Don't get me wrong, the guy was a warrior...and played his heart out for the Wings, but bone on bone is bone on bone, they were best to cut ties and thank him for his service. Who knows, when the sleding gets tough in the playoffs, he might yet make an impact....kinda nice to have somebody to call on that has been in LOTS of playoff wars, and he certainly knows what it takes to win.

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I am not a Cleary hater. For what we paid for him, I would agree that he SEEMED like a decent deal. He was arguably the best skating Red Wing not named Pav or Z on the ice last playoffs. And this season he has had moments where his play is appreciated.

But I AM a believer in letting people who are not doing their jobs sit, and having a culture where those who are committed to doing their jobs and ACTUALLY DO THEM get rewarded with playing time instead of players who are not pulling their weight, despite what their name or even their salary may be. I do understand that there needs to be a LITTLE stability in the lineup. Guys need to play together regularly to play their best. But until recently, the fear of losing one's job on this team short of injury was almost non-existent, and that's the wrong culture to have. It's OK when you have the lineup,we had in 2002, but not now.

As Herb Brooks would say, "We don't have the talent to win on talent alone." The reality in the world of today's NHL is that even for a team like Chicago, that's true. It's certainly true of our Red Wings, and I'm enjoying the energy and spark the kids are bringing to this team. It's refreshing. And even though it's taken all this injury to hit Babcock and Holland over the head to help them see that the time for transition is now, I'm pleased to see that they finally realize it.

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