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Do the Stars have enough to make the playoffs>?


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  There are very few duos in the league that I would pay to watch, but Seguin and Benn are definitely two that I would pay for the honor. Kane and Toews, maybe Kessel and the developing JVR, Ovie and Backstrom, not a lot more.


   I really like the Stars team, they are fun to watch, have basically one line and a no name defense are what they are counting on. Benn and Seguin have outscored the next four forwards combined. They also have outscored the 11 defenseman who have played this year combined.  with apologies to Chicago and rest, no two players anywhere mean as much to their team as these two do.

  They have a chance, Nashville seems lacking in scoring, Vancouver is very vulnerable, Winnipeg is maybe more balanced but Pavelec is beyond bad, someone has to secure the final spot in the West and Dallas just might be the club.


  Lehtonen may be the factor that makes a difference. He has to have a chip on his shoulder, several times he has been on the verge of a playoff spot and played some of his worst hockey in the deciding game or two, including last season. I have always felt he is what Ken Dryden described as a 'good bad team goalie' but to expect him to lift a club and carry them into the post season might be a stretch.

  Benn says they are going to make it. Seguin has a chip on hi shoulder after taking the blame for the Bruins falling two games short last year. These two want it as bad as any two in the game, don't be surprised if they sneak in as an eight seed.

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I don't think that the Stars have enough to make it on their own merit but may sneak in if Vancouver completely folds and Winnipeg continues to play in Winnipeg.  They're just such a "meh" team to me.


In any case, if any of those three teams gets in it will be one and done.  I'm cheering for Vancouver to be the eighth seed if Chicago is the top seed.  Just because Van-Chi would be fun.

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Hard to tell with these Stars.


They are just good enough, where you think they have a good a shot as any team they are currently clumped with for the final spot...but still inconsistent enough (particularly in special teams), where you think that if any of the other clubs puts together a nice, coherent run, they could keep Dallas out.


On some nights, they shut out teams like the Pens, Ducks, then blast a team like Toronto....while on other nights, they lose games games to low scoring teams like NJ, Nash, and to a currently iffy Lightning team...and not look particularly good in those games either.

So really who knows.


With that said, they do have some real nice young forwards to work with, and Kari Lehtonen is more than solid enough to push the team into the post season...but if there was ever a definition of 'wild card' at this stage in the season, the Dallas Stars personify that.


Frankly, I think teams such as Vancouver and Phoenix SHOULD be well ahead of a team like Dallas at this point in time.

Obviously that isn't the case, but I am thinking somehow, one of those clubs are gonna put together something just long enough to sneak in.....and the Jets, while not a pick of mine to get in, ARE known for late season runs and could surprise everyone and sneak in past all the clubs already mentioned.

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