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Rumours are Halak and Stewart may be gone by Wed

Buffalo Rick

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Halak and Stewart may play one game, just maybe on monday in Dallas if you believe the Buffalo news.  They seem to think both could be dealt and one has to wonder if Moulson will be gone too?  What does that leave us to put on the ice?  We may set the modern day record for having the most draft picks?  Who knows?  A ton of unrest in the locker room  Great timing by LaFontainne.  If he does not have a hard on for someone in the front office then i am a monkey's uncle.  

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I think they should get rid of Stewert but why get rid of Halak? He is a solid goaltender.


Halak is a UFA at the end of the season and Buffalo has two quality young goalies in Enroth and Hackett. Could just be a matter of maximizing your return on an asset - especially if that asset is going to walk at the end of the season.


Just like Miller.


I like Halak and would try to convince him to stay in Buffalo, but if they can get something good out of a Minnesota or the like, I think I pull that trigger.

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The other thing is if you're going to suck, do it right. McDavid is more important to your franchise next year than Halak. Trading Halak brings McDavid closer.


 Agree 100%. Enroth and a back up of your choice should supply enough losses to secure the first pick, or at least more balls to get the first pick.

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