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Pens build momentum, dismantle falling Stars 5-1


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The Pens came out like a team reborn. Kunitz and Neal in the lineup, and the boys really went after it. They played a dominating first period, and short of a great tip across the net by Seguin, it was all us.

Crosby was on his game and Malkin played hard even if he had no points to show for it. The Stars have been struggling, and the rejuvenated lineup against a struggling team may have just been what the boys needed to get on a roll.

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and short of a great tip across the net by Seguin,


Didn't see the game (congrats), but what a stud Seguin is. Boston has to be kicking themselves after that trade. If you look back on it, Boston is the loser in the Kessel trade. 

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It was refreshing to see the lineup coming back together again.  Sid's line played fantastic, you can tell the difference when Kunitz is in the lineup. He's not flashy, but he's a workhorse and knows where to go on the ice for Sid.  Stempniak is really starting to play nicely on that line, he's only going to get better.


I like what Goc is bringing to the team, he has especially solidified what was already a pretty good  penalty kill unit.  He's brought a new level to the fourth line also.


Let's get Geno's line going now and I'll be real happy.

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I was at the game and Geno & Co played very well. They missed some opportunities, hit two posts I can think of, and maybe passed a little too much. Neal was stopped all alone in front of the net at least once, and Geno as well.

I think they'll be fine. My only concern is Boston seems to have found their way. And in playoff goaltending they've got the advantage... Could we be on our way to another head to head?? Long way to go, but its looking like it may be.

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