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Dave (Knights) Branch at it again (Ho-sang)


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The London Knights #1 ally when it comes to pretty much anything was at it again when he levied a 15 game suspension to Windsor Spitfire forward Josh Ho-sang for his "hit" on Knights Dman Zach Bell. Ho-sang was given a TWO MINUTE penalty in the game.


Watch the video for yourselves. This is an outright joke that Branch can run the league like this.



Because the suspension in under 20 games, it isn't reviewable. Though Branch has decided if London is eliminated prior to the Memorial Cup, the 8 game suspension he gave Stolarz for hitting Ho-Sang in the head with his stick, on purpose, CAN be reviewed. I honestly don't think he cares how obvious he makes this crap.

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The comment that "no injury, no suspension" is the really ridiculous part of this.


Either an act is suspension-worthy or it isn't.


While I believe injury should be a factor in determining length of suspension, I don't believe that the "line" is 0 games or 15 games. That's just insane.


That "hit" wasn't suspension-worthy IMO. And the league itself says that there was no intent to injure.


And the whole "under 20 games you can't appeal, but we'll review the 8-game suspension later" just stinks to high heaven.


You'd never see this sort of travesty in the NCAA! :ph34r:

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 I'm sure you know my previous distaste for the way Branch runs the league. From refusing to attend Colts games (even when they're in the finals) to doling out suspensions by injury, jersey colour, or whether it affects the Knights or not (see some of Max Domis headshots and non or short suspensions) The league VP says if there was no injury, there'd be no suspension...WTF???

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The league VP says if there was no injury, there'd be no suspension...WTF???


And they clearly say there was no intent.


If there's no intent to injure and there wouldn't have been any suspension without the injury, how do they justify giving him 15 games?


Bush league.

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FC, I know we have discussed Dave Branch's "interesting" decisions before but I have to say this just left me absolutely speechless. I watched the video without benefit of voice over the first time and just watched the "hit". I could hardly believe this was even reviewed, let alone a 15 game suspension. When I heard the rationale behind the decision I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...


Truly, an absolute joke of a decision, almost Colin Campbellesque in its ludicrosity.


I doubt that "hit" even gets reviewed in the WHL...

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 The guy is a total sham when it comes to being impartial. Zach Hall was taken into the boards worse than that in the first round and there was no suspension handed out...and there shouldn't have been.


 Not to mention the "hitter" weighs about 165 lbs and the "hittee" is around 230.

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I gotta say... I didn't even think that was a penalty.  I mean, the player is reaching for the puck and he gets a little push in the back.  Yeah okay the injury sucks and it's a real bad luck incident to go into the boards with your leg bending that way, but they were ten feet from the boards and then some so it's not boarding... there is no intent to injure...  at WORST you have a weak interference call if I'm misjudging the puck in the blur.  

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 He got 2 minutes for "holding" on the play. You'd be hard pressed to find a single person not named Hunter who'd agree with a suspension at all, let alone 15 games. I don't even like the Spits but this is an atrocity as far as running a league is concerned.


 Don't get me started on the suspensions he gave Barrie last year in postseason trying his best to derail the team that had the best chance to beat his London Knights.

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