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Marco Scandella Gets Two


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From NHL.com



And the video explanation



Hit on the Isles Brock Nelson.

I don't believe Scandella to be a dirty player (at least from what I've seen) and I like his new found aggression, but he DOES have to control himself out there!


And this comes on the heels of a fined hit on St. Louis' TJ Oshie...


The hit on Brock Nelson didn't seem to have malicious intent...he really did look like he was trying to just put a hard check into Nelson...however, he seemed to have led a bit with his elbow, and while the target area seemed to be the chest, Nelson's head was hit first with Scandella's shoulder.


Man...Minnesota really does need some nasty defenseman out there for teams to be worried about, and Scandella has come a long way in that department, but unless he learns to control his hits better, he not only be useless to the team (he won't be on the ice for many games!), but he will quickly garner a reputation as an unsafe player, if not a dirty one.


Cmon, Marco....big fan of yours, and I WANT to see aggression on D from you (along with a couple others too), but iffin yer gonna play that way, ya gotta do it the right way! :o

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Minor **bump**


Marco Scandella, since his return to the ice after suspension, has seemingly not really altered his aggressive style of play.

While I agree that the purpose of punishment and suspension in his case was to mold him to be more responsible on the ice (which it should), I was very worried that having that in the back of his mind would take him away from playing hockey like he knows how to so best:  hard nosed, not giving forwards any free passes, and making opposing players very uncomfortable either streaking through the neutral zone or trying to set up camp in front of his goaltender.


Yes, Scandella needs to be mindful of safety on the ice, but still would like him to keep his 'edge' that sees him play like the mean, hard hitting effective player I always knew he could be.


Now...if only the rest of the team could pick up the slack, play hard nosed a bit more and actually, you know, put some pucks in nets when presented with opportunities, then perhaps this Wild team has a chance to salvage a playoff spot after all.

They have many other things going for them to take any steps backwards now...

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