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the Two Teams That Have The Biggest Chance Of Making The Stanley Cup Finals


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To me, the road to the Eastern Conference runs thru Pittsburgh, period. The Pens have suffered as many man games lost as any team and sit in first place in the East. That says a lot.


  Their division, the Metro is sad, easily the worst in Hockey. They will likely face the fifth place team in the other division in the first round, say Toronto or Florida. No offense to the Leafs but that should be a fairly easy task.

  The second round they will catch the winner of the Rangers/Capitals series, again, fairly easy unless Lundqvist goes crazy.


Then the only tough round, likely the winner of the Lightning and Canadiens. Tampa could give them fits, that is about the only team in the entire East that I feel has a chance to do so. As long as the Bolts get knocked out before the finals by the Habs or Bruins or Wings, I do not see anyone else in the East who could beat the Pens in a seven game series. Nobody.




Nobody has it easy, you have the Hawks and Blues and Sharks and Kings and Ducks and from there throw in a bunch of guys like the Wild and Predators and Canucks who are dangerous. There are no easy outs in the West come postseason, The Kings and Hawks try to establish themselves as a dynasty, the Sharks and Blues try to prove they are not regular season wonders. The Ducks are damn dangerous.


 So I don't see a single series in the West as easy, i threw 8 teams out there and that does not include the Flames or Jets who would be in the hunt if they were in the East.


 So Pittsburgh and a great team to be named later.

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I agree with Yave, the Eastern conference still runs through Mumpsburgh.

Watch out for the Preds in the West. Rinse is playing out of his mind right now. Forsberg lighting it up and Lavy has them jammin

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