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Martin Brodeur....On The Move Again!?


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With Brian Elliot medically cleared to play and set to return, is Martin Brodeur's stint with the Blues up already?


From NBC Sports



Not likely the Blues will carry three goalies and I am sure they would like to keep Jake Allen as the backup and playing NHL minutes as opposed to AHL minutes...and of course, a healthy Elliot is a STARTING goaltender.


So where does that leave the future HOF'er, Brodeur?


Was listening to some NHL Central this morning and they had one of Brodeur's close friends, former NHL goalie Cory Hirsch, and he seems to think that Brodeur still has a high enough compete drive that should the Blues decide to cut him loose, he would still like to catch on with yet another team and continue his career.


Looking at Brodeur's performance with the Blues since signing on, it was 'uneven' at best. 

Yes, he had some good games, but he also had some VERY mediocre ones...and against the better teams to boot (Nashville, Los Angeles).


There are a few teams in the NHL who could probably use some goaltending help, but has Brodeur proven that he CAN help any team looking to make a playoff push, or help a team that is looking to break into the top 8 for a playoff spot?


Most of the teams who currently  hold playoff positions are pretty much set in goal...and if they aren't quite set (Minnesota Wild for instance), they are most likely going to try to ride things out and see if they can't correct whatever ails their current goalie situation through 'natural' means, and NOT jump the gun and go get a 42 yr old goalie...future HOF'er or not.


Still though, you have Brodeur's drive to continue to play...but VERY limited places he can actually fit in.

Where he could play could easily be solved if he were playing simply to pad stats or just 'be out on the ice'....as there are a few teams out there (Edmonton comes to mind right away) who could use goaltending, but realistically are going NOWHERE this year.


But I think Brodeur doesn't want to be on the ice and 'just play'...he wants to play somewhere where he actually  has a shot to WIN.


Thoughts on where Brodeur could possibly end up?

Can any current playoff bound (or at least seemingly playoff bound) team shoehorn him in for the duration of the season while not upsetting any current goalie tandems?


I think many (on this site especially) believe Marty Brodeur should simply call it a career.

I have said many times, he has nothing to prove, has nothing to feel ashamed of, and no 'unfinished business'....he has done it all. Won all there is to win...many times too.


But I also suspect that loss to the Kings three seasons ago in the Stanley Cup Finals STILL sticks in his craw...and that combined with his powerful urge to compete simply will not let him just walk away.


Minnesota? Winnipeg? Chicago? San Jose? Washington? **GASP** PHILADELPHIA!??


Any of those teams willing to squeeze in Brodeur (while possibly squeezing OUT someone on their current roster) and make a run with him?


Or maybe St. Louis and he can come to an understanding where Elliott starts, Brodeur backs up, and Jake Allen gets sent to the Chicago Wolves to be the everyday guy down there for the rest of the season?



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as there are a few teams out there (Edmonton comes to mind right away) who could use goaltending, but realistically are going NOWHERE this year.


Whoooa! What!? There is an NHL team in Edmonton? When did this freakin happen? I heard rumors but thought it was a myth. I heard other rumors from the ancient scrolls of a Edmonton dynasty years ago. Who knows how these stories start. Next thing you'll be telling me is that the Flyers won 2 Stanley Cups, like that's ever gonna happen. 


(just being a smart arse TFG)  ;)

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It's all good @idahophilly ;)


Here is a take from the Sporting News, some guy named Ben Valentine (sweet name...does he come complete sparkly smile, wax figure hair, and sharp clothes bought in the juniors section of Cools R US clothes?)....his take is one that I mentioned, one where Jake Allen gets sent to the minors to play regularly, and Brodeur stays on in St. Louis as Brian Elliot's backup.




I don't think he is taking into account the fact that Brodeur still fancies himself a starter....I mean, if he wanted to be a backup, he could have signed LONG before St. Louis came calling, right?


Anyways, a good take from Mr. Valentino, even if an obvious one.

I think the Blues have way more leverage than Marty Brodeur though when it comes down to whether he will stay or go.


After posting my previous items in this thread, I got to thinking...if Brodeur were to take a backup job, maybe one in Columbus wouldn't be a bad idea.

Big, strong team (like the Blues) who may be getting healthy at just the right time....Sergei Bobrovsky obviously doing the lion's share of the netminding....and the Jackets face overall not-as-still competition playing in the Metro to get into the playoffs as the Blues would be playing in the Central, then facing off against the rest of the West in the playoffs.


Suppose one can go 6 of one, half a dozen of the other, but if Brodeur is really that determined to play, he will end up somewhere this season...and it will most likely have to be a playoff bound team needing a solid starter, or insurance in case theirs goes down.


Until Marty can answer the question "Will you take a back up position?" though....anything and EVERYTHING is pure speculation.


See what happens when a future HOF'er just doesn't know when to call it a career??  :rolleyes:

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See what happens when a future HOF'er just doesn't know when to call it a career??


Yeah. I know he still can play but really only as a backup. These teams need to be moving forward and putting Marty in as the starter isn't it. I wish he would go out with some dignity before he winds up not having a job or waived...

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Marty has an enormous ego, which isn't always a bad thing. Most truly great athletes do. He wants to get to 700 wins and he's pretty damn close. In fact, if it wasn't for the play of Kinkaid I'd welcome him back to the Devils to try for it (within reason of course). It's not like they're really playing for anything the rest of the way as it is.

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