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Chemistry: Leafs Style

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@flyercanuck  I really dislike Luke Schenn, but DAMN...if JVR put forth this type of heartless effort in the O&B, he would be shot and pissed on. I think he is actually getting worse effort wise, and I didn't think that was possible.  I don't care how many goals that turd gets, I want him no where near my team. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

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I'm surprised he hasn't done anything to shake things up or "send a message" as they say. Horachek had the opportunity to put his stamp on this team when he took over for Carlyle. He tried to implement a different system (which didn't work or the players didn't buy into), but he never benched anyone and he hasn't even altered the ice time that the players are getting. He keeps throwing the same lineup out there every day and keeps putting the same guys on the power play and so on. It really is an example of bad coaching.


I'm not saying Horachek is the reason the Leafs are 15th, that's on the players. What I'm saying is, Horachek has given up on this team as much as the players have. I think he knows he's going to be fired when the season ends.

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@WordsOfWisdom  The players have obviously quit on Horachek, but the fact he is sitting back and doing *nothing* to rectify the situation shows me he is in way over his head.


That's exactly my thought. Or he feels like he doesn't have the authority to do anything.


He hasn't done any of the things that coaches do to try and get players to play harder, namely:


  • Reducing ice time of bad players
  • Benching/scratching players
  • Changing lines
  • Calling specific players out in public
  • Removing slumping players from power play and giving other players a chance
  • Changing the system



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