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Leafs Mid-Season Report Card


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How do you evaluate the Leafs performance at the midpoint of this season?  :)

To me, this was expected. I actually called for a 30th place finish in one of the many preseason prediction threads. The Leafs are actually better than I thought they would be, and I give credit mainly to Babcock for being the best coach in the NHL. JVR is was doing nicely offensively. So is Bozak, Komarov, Rielly, and Phaneuf. Bernier has completely regressed to the point of his NHL career being over at the conclusion of this season. Meanwhile, Reimer has emerged as the #1 goalie that can't stay healthy. It's kind of like having a star pitcher with a 30 pitch count maximum. I'm expecting the club to turn the page on both goaltenders for the start of next season. Dipping into the free agent market this summer to land a genuine #1 goalie would be a wise investment.

The "core" of this club still consists of too much dead weight. I see a lot of guys floating around doing nothing. Players that are on the ice but not on the score sheet. I see players that try hard but that are just completely out-skilled and outmatched by the opposition.

I think the goal moving forward is to see what the club can get for a Phaneuf, Reimer, Komarov, Kadri, Gardiner, Holland, Parenteau, Winnik, Lupul, or Bozak at the trade deadline. Anyone and everyone should be up for grabs at the right price, with draft picks coming back to Toronto. Lots and lots of draft picks until even the Leafs can't miss on landing a good young franchise player. Bonus points if the Leafs could pull off a major coup and land a franchise player via trade. The "dollar" for many many "quarters" type of deal.  :P


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I LOVE the performance of Komarov who seems to be a Babcock type, he hits verything and has gained confidence in his goal scoring ability. I see him as part of the solution and think that the Leafs should absolutely keep him at the deadline, he is young enough and good enough to keep around.

  Reimer should have been dealt a long time ago.

Overall the team is fun to watch, most nights they are competitive which is all that you can ask of this F-troop. Babs has indeed proven himself to be at the top of the class among NHL head coaches with the job he has done, the Leafs are fun to watch and most of the kids are getting a year in the minors to hone their skills instead of learning bad habits in the NHL or rushing too quickly to a cycle of frustration. I would rate the year a serious plus for the Leafs.

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Good post, WOW. 

Every time I see Bozak start a Leafs game as our #1 centre I know we are not going to be contenders or even be relevant. Kadri is only slightly better than Bozy at centre and since becoming a good two way centre, he can't score. And there is this teams' downfall. We can't score enough goals. Add to that the issue of not being able to get consistent goaltending and you have a lot of losses. Bozak is not a bad hockey player though - on a third or fourth line.

Babcock has been great IMHO. The Leafs got some instant respect the minute we signed him, and rightfully so. I believe he is the best coach in the NHL, but I am still seeing those games on a regular basis where the Leafs are just going through the motions. The old Jeckyl and Hyde thing. 

The good news is, there is still an entire half of a season left in which to improve. :mapleleafs:

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Here are my quick "grades" for each player:


  • Van Riemsdyk: A-
  • Komarov: A-
  • Bozak: B+
  • Kadri: C+
  • Parenteau: C+
  • Phaneuf: B-
  • Rielly: B+
  • Holland: C
  • Gardiner: C+
  • Boyes: C
  • Lupul: C
  • Matthias: C-
  • Winnik: C+
  • Grabner: C+
  • Polak: B
  • Hunwick: F
  • Spaling: F
  • Froese: F
  • Harrington: F
  • Corrado: F
  • Leivo: F
  • Arcobello: F
  • Marincin: F
  • Clune: F



  • Reimer: B+
  • Bernier: F
  • Sparks: B
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