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Brian McGrattan Knocked Out!!


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 In the game last night (Jan19, 2016) between the visiting San Diego Gulls and San Antonio Rampage, Brian McGrattan fought against San Antonio player Daniel Maggio.  The fight was going for about 30 seconds and McGrattan was getting the best of Maggio until...BOOM!! Maggio landed a straight right to the chin and McGrattan's lights went out!  McGrattan fell face first onto the ice, spread eagle.  He was unconscious for probably 5 minutes.  The trainers and medics tried to immobilize McGrattan's neck and strap him down but McGrattan would have none of that.  As soon as he woke up he ripped off the cervical collar and was yelling "Let me up!".  That was a good sign after a scary moment.  

The video below only shows the end of the fight.  At about the 45 second mark he is still out cold, his legs stiffened up and you can see his feet come up off the ice.  McGrattan was conscious and alert and had movement in all extremities before leaving the arena for the hospital.


The shaved head dude (opening the penalty box door) at the bottom of the screen would be yours truly.





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I briefely saw the headline this morning but I didn't have time to watch the video until now.

A scary moment there for McGrattin.  This is a prime example of why fighting is being removed from the game.  

You have a great view of the game there AFF - great work.  ;)

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