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Crosby - MVP Candidate?


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Another interesting take.  I think it's Kane's to lose for now.  Heck - I'd give it to him just for having a career year after dealing with all those false allegations this summer.


That said, if Crosby ends up #2 in scoring (2nd now - 6 points behind Benn with a few games in hand) and the Pens end up #2 or #3 in the East (a direct result of a late season surge in which Crosby has carried them sans Malkin) he has to merit some serious consideration.




Some interesting comparisons to Kane...


The obvious winger versus center..

Numbers since the ASG (14G/21A to 9G/10A for Kane)...

Crosby outscoring Kane at 5-on-5 points per 60 minutes, 2.68 to 2.63...

Crosby starting 52.7% of his 5-on-5 shifts in the offensive zone (133rd) versus 67.4% for Kane (6th)...

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Definitely a candidate, perhaps even among the top 3. Many players in contention have teammates that are almost of equal value ( Benn and Seguin, Holtby, Ovechkin, backstrom and kuznetsov ) But Crosby has had no player that comes close to rivaling Crosby on his own team ( Except Malkin, but he's been injured for too long ) That being said, he isn't as valuable as Kane and Karlsson are to their team right now.

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I absolutely believe that Kane will (and should) win the Hart but Crosby has been brilliant.


  I read quite a few places that Crosby had a 'slow start' but the truth is all that was down was his scoring, the rest of his game was elevated to a new level this season. In a lot of ways it reminds me of when Scotty Bowman came to the Wings and stressed team versus individual and Yzerman became one of the most complete players in the game, even though his scoring was down significantly. Crosby matured this season and brought a new level to his game, a gear that I did not think he had. And now the scoring touch is back. He may be the leagues MVP this season but Kane's torrid start makes him the guy.

If I had a vote for the Hart it would be:






  My feeling as to where Crosby is right now, he is the most complete player in the game today.

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Even as a Pens fan, I can't see Crosby with the MVP this year.  I would be hypocritical if I did.   I would have to use the same logic in my mind as with Ovi's last MVP. He was LIGHTS OUT the second half of the season, but completely sucked the first half.   Same kind of think with Crosby this year. If he hadn't been pretty invisible the first part of the season, he would probably be the leading candidate, but he was.    


To be honest, and this will kill Jane, but I don't think he's the MVP of the Pens.  I think that has to go to Fleury.  During the first half of the year, the Pens were in disarray and awful. But Fleury was outstanding and kept the ship afloat. As the playoff run continues, he is still playing at the top of his game, and the top of his game for his career.  His GAA and SV% are the best of his career.  If not for him, they would already be dead in the water, and probably hoisting a dookie at this point.


So in the end,  great second half of the season Sid, keep it up like this and become playoff MVP, but season MVP I cannot see.

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