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The Goldbergs will dedicate an episode to Ed Snider on May 11th


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ABC’s The Goldbergs will dedicate an episode to Ed Snider that is set to air Wednesday, May 11th at 8:30 pm.


Via NHL.com:



The episode dedicated to Snider, which is titled “Big Orange,” will debut May 11 at 8:30 p.m. ET. In the show, middle son Barry has his favorite orange Flyers T-shirt stolen by his mother and girlfriend. Barry enlists his older sister Erica and younger brother Adam to help him investigate.


The show is written and produced by Adam Goldberg and is a semi-autobiographical account of his family and upbringing in Jenkintown, Pa., a Philadelphia suburb. Goldberg is a Flyers fan and the show frequently has featured the team’s logo.



see video

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I posted this on the Goldberg's thread in TV section. For those that have not seen the show, it is hysterical. Very relatable to anyone growing up in Philly in the 80's :)



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2 hours ago, sarsippius said:

I don't know the show, but awesomely cool gesture of them. 


My brother likes the show and noted that there was an episode in which they attended the Boston game where Hexy scored but missed the goal as they left early to beat traffic.  


My brother and I can relate to this is a roundabout way because we had tickets to this game but missed the goal because our dad was out of town and our mom didnt want to take us on her own (I also had a French test the next day which helped bolster her argument).  We begged her and begged her to take us but it was to no avail.  So she sold the tickets and we were relegated to listening to the call of the game on WIP (as cable didn't stretch to our neighborhood at the time).  When I heard the call of the game I went ballistic and unloaded on my mom for causing us to miss it.  The people we sold the tickets to were very thankful and when they heard how upset we were they mounted a stub from the game onto a makeshift plaque for us and gave it to us for Christmas.  It was a nice gesture and took out some of the sting but we still never forgot about how close we came to witnessing history. 

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