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Philadelphia Flyers 2019-20 camp/pre season

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2 hours ago, ruxpin said:

Have you seen a lot of preseason?  I haven't. Just wondering if anyone who's seen would be able to say whether they think Sanheim or Niska need a message (though I know some of these sins happen at practice and we wouldn't know).


I have seen more pre season hockey than I care to admit.

Neither of those guys looked terrible. I don't think those dudes are the message targets. 

The targets would be the forwards who can't seem to put a pass where a skater can play it. There are some dudes who've had a great view of goals against from their vantage point trailing the play at ice level, that I'm sure AV isn't happy with.

Truly after the first cuts and couple of days of practice the Flyers have looked decent. They could have won the Boston game with a shooter tutor in net and witnessed Joel Farabee prove he can hit a pipe from 15 ft and 3 different angles vs the Rangers...

So a couple of bounces and people aren't all twisted up thinking about this team this year.

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      15 of those guys from those "garbage teams" (e.g. last year) are still on the roster...   Is adding Niskanen, Braun, Hayes, Pitlick/Twarynski/Bunnaman going to change the team fundamentally? We'll see.     AV is a lot more "energetic" than I thought he would be - not that I followed his tenure in New York and/or Vancouver all that closely.   The team has three guys with NHL head coaching experience behind the bench. We're going to find out how much of the str
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      I mostly agree, but I think this team needs more than just being a little better than last year.   Honestly, everyone and their dog had pegged last year's Flyers as a team to watch as a dark horse prior to the start of the season. There were plenty of reasons to believe they were on the upswing and going to have a year where they at least made the playoffs and quite possibly made some noise once there. That did not happen. Instead we got pretty much more of the same as we've endured no
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      A few things...    I think there's a very good chance the Flyers *do* trade a defenseman. And Winnipeg makes a lot of sense because they are in need of NHL defensemen.   Unless it's for someone that significantly moves the needle (e.g. Laine or Connor), I don't think the Flyers would want a roster player in return.   So in that scenario, I'm guessing the defenseman we move is either Hagg or Morin for a draft pick or B prospect. Hagg will fetch more.    I d
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      RE: 8-10-2 I can't help but think the coaching staff won't tolerate poor effort.   The way the Flyers are practicing with everything going quickly will pay dividends eventually.  I felt like the message was received after the home sleepwalk loss to the Bruins.   The effort I've seen in the games since has been very good. I didn't watch yesterday, also IDGAF about that game.  The game that matters is on 10/4- I expect we'll see a team moving its feet and pressur
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      FIFY.   👺
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      This is a very good point.   That is all-
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