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Ads on Sweaters...??


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I wouldn't mind a patch like on the practice sweaters.

These are an abomination.


However, if doing that brings ticket prices down...well I'll get used to it. 

Hockey is so expensive, if these generate enough revenue to where the ownership can make the game accessible to regular joes, I love dunkin' donuts !

As it is I can afford to go to one NHL game a year, it's a $550 day for the 3 person mojo family. That's good tix food and 2 beers at the 'farg and gas.

That's a lot, that's save outside of the regular saving money. 


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I don't think that's appealing. I mean I sometimes look at the sweater of other people but I do not take time tonread what is written there. That seems creepy, having someone stare at your shirt for more than 5 seconds? Much more awkward for girls like me. That is not a nice idea at all, just go advertise somewhere else LOL. 

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There's obviously an aesthetic miss to turning the hockey sweater into a billboard.

Like I said, making the corporate logo the main thing rather than club logo would be a horrible look.

However, EPL gets away with it somehow. That league is more popular than ever.

Those ticket prices are ridiculously expensive with the corporate shilling happening.


When I see footage from European leagues there are adds on nearly every sweater, usually the patches are smallish, and IDGAF what they're for, they aren't the focus. If this is how the NHL is forced to go, people will get used to it if they enjoy watching the game played at it's highest level. 



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