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No Trade Clause in Contracts


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14 hours ago, Fizz said:

I am not a fan of no trade clauses, in my mind it makes players complacent towards the end of their carriers. (not specifically Giroux)

What are everybody's thoughts?


As an employee, I would like the no trade clause.  There's hockey and there is life, the NMC allows a player to put down roots in the community and build a life.  An NMC prevents the upheaval of families and I would enjoy that bit of stability.

As a fan in the salary cap era, I'm not so thrilled about them. 

The do prevent the ability to change a team's dynamics.


I don't know that I think guys get complacent. I think if a professional athlete becomes complacent they find themselves out of a job, or in a new profession, selling BMWs. 

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