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  1. There's really no rush and I doubt he's going to leapfrog Neuvirth and Elliot, at least not out of training camp. We could see him at some point if Elliot struggles (likely) and Neuvirth is injury (very likely) though
  2. Guaranteed he isn't even named to the season ending all-star teams either
  3. I know Hextall said he may bring Filppula back, but I can't see it actually happening. Hextall should be able to find a better replacement, and Filppula isn't just going to wait around
  4. That's great and all...but why play? His play hurt this team. He should have just rested and came back when he was healthier
  5. Rubstov has been bad since he was drafted. He will likely need to spend a couple years in the A working on his game if he wants any chance at a career in the NHL. Thornton wouldn't be taking a roster spot from him
  6. He's likely talking about fringe NHLer and current Phantom who won't be re-signed Colin McDonald
  7. Couturier asks for a bigger offensive role and then proceeds to put up 30 goals and 70 points...how do we reward him? By putting him back down onto the 3rd line the following season. We do that and Couturier likely asks for a trade out of Philly IMO
  8. Hakatol getting fired...i can't see it However, Lappy should be fired. If he isn't, I can't say I trust Hextall
  9. Elliot is garbage. I'd rather move on from him than Neuvirth, but he's always injured
  10. It's funny because Lehtera has had a damn good series
  11. My mistake Miguel "Michael" Fransisco Leighton
  12. Michael Francisco Leighton His great, great, great grandfather was Mexican
  13. Did he actually argue that a 25 year old career AHL goalie is just as good as Hart?
  14. I love people that think just because they played hockey when they were a kid, means that they know everything about the game, especially at the NHL level

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