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  1. I really dont care about his playoff success. It's not like the team in front of him has played well. He's still a franchise goalie
  2. At the expense of a 2x Vezina winner
  3. Today in Flyers history, the Carter and Richards trades went down
  4. Coburn has never been the same since that eye injury. I'm glad he's not on the roster anymore and thrilled with the return he got
  5. Not really when your team was a whole was crap at ES and had a stupid coach. When he had a better coach (Lavy), he produced at ES
  6. I think a large part of the lack of ES scoring, is the defense. We don't have many blueliners that can move the puck out of the zone at even strength.
  7. You guys are dreaming if you think Voracek signs for $6m, especially if he continues to play the way he did. He will most likely get between $7-8m on a 6+ year deal. Stepan just got $6.5m and he's not even as good as Voracek, while never scoring 20 goals in a season
  8. Couturier is giving up more than 1 year of UFA. He came in the league at 18, so everything after his 7th NHL season is UFA And $6-7m for Voracek is too low. You're looking at ~$8m for him
  9. We aren't in that bad of shape next year. As it stands right now, we have $52.8m for next season which includes 8 forwards, 4 defense and 2 goalies. We'll have $20m to potentially re-sign Voracek, Gagner, B. Schenn, Raffl. White, Medvedev, L. Schenn, Gudas and Manning. My assumption is Gagner, White, Medvedev, L. Schenn and Manning won't be back for various reasons. Throwing out some numbers... -Vorachek @ $8m -Schenn @ $4.5m -Raffl @ $2.5m -Gudas @ 2m Which brings us to $69.8m with 11 forwards, 5 defense and 2 goalies. There's also the option of buying Umberger out which will free up more space So no, re-signing Couturier does not spell the end of B. Schenn for cap reasons.
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