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  1. I agree with the three of you. I really liked Curtis Joseph throughout his career, especially with the Leafs but the big wins just aren't there. There's a pretty good article about him and the Hall of Fame here -> Curtis Joseph I won't totally rule him out, but he won't be in the Hall of Fame anytime soon.
  2. Thanks for the feedback Yave! I do agree with you about Bob Hartley. He was one of my favorite coaches and it was sad to see him leave. I thought the Flames could of had another good year under him, unfortunately I also do believe his message was getting stale as well and it was time to move on. After we released him, there wasn't really a pool of head coaches to go after. I believe the front runners were Gulutzan and Mike Yao. I don't recall much of Gulutzan's head coaching stint with the Stars but I know it was short and underwhelming. This is only his fourth year of coaching so far, and last year he made the post-season. The big question for me at least is if he can take this team to the next level, he definitely has the tools to do so. If he can't make any progress this year then my opinion of him will be undoubtedly change but for now I think he can take this team to new heights. I guess we'll wait and see.
  3. Hi Flames fans. Don't know how many of us are here on this forum but I'm fairly new and would like to discuss a hot-pressed subject that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Glen Gulutzan. I'm a lurker on different sites and it seems the general consensus is that Gulutzan is not the right coach for this team. Every time we lose, it seems like most of the blame goes to Gulutzan and even when we win, he doesn't get any credit or he still gets bashed. That being said and you've probably guessed right, I do like Glen Gulutzan as our head coach. I think he's done a good job with our club this year and last year. I'm well aware of his bone-headed decisions time to time but besides that, I don't see why he gets ragged on so much. The players have and still are buying in to his system and as I write this we are sitting 12-8-0 3rd in the Pacific with some momentum. And not to mention, I believe one of his strengths is team bonding and I think our players (especially our younger players), have bonded and gelled nicely. So, lets have a good healthy discussion about this subject, curious and looking forward to hearing peoples thoughts. Cheers!

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