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  1. I watched the Anaheim feed last night and one of the commentators made the interesting observation of 'the Wild are on a 7-game road trip but have returned home twice. It's not really a 7 game road trip if you have time to return home twice.' IMO, they're still playing on the road so I don't really follow his logic there
  2. Who would have thought that putting your 3 best forwards on a line together would result in good offense
  3. Just out of curiosity... We only play the Blues a handful of times each year, but does anyone notice any similarities in their style of play compared to when Yeo coached the Wild? (Terrible PK, PP, etc.)
  4. Start to finish the Wild played a great game. That being said, the Blues are at the bottom of the Central for a reason. How long until the Blues fire Yeo?
  5. Simply because of Yeo, I love it when the Wild stomp on the Blues.
  6. Watching St. Louis stand around and play slow makes me wonder if that's what most other fans see when they watch their team play the Wild
  7. Watching the St. Louis feed, one of the commentators said 'confidence has been an issue for the Blues and the Wild tonight just punched them in the groin'
  8. Does anyone else see a little black thing sitting in the back of the St. Louis net? It looks like Jake Allen was just poking at it.
  9. Only 1 shot on that PP but that's the best PP I've seen from the Wild in a while.
  10. Regulation losses by Nashville, Winnipeg, and the Blackhawks sure feels good. Looking at the standings, #1-5 in the Central division currently have more points than the #1 team in the Pacific (San Jose). The Central looks like it will be a tight race yet again.
  11. I agree that you don't want to hear Pateryn's name called as 3rd pairing defenseman. The Wild are only about 10 games into the season so there is still time to get better and impress. If you want to compare him to Prosser, then I would argue that Prosser would cost 1/3 to 1/2 of what Pateryn ($2+ mil) does.
  12. I am yet to be impressed by anything that Pateryn does. He just looks big and slow to me.
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