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  1. He actually didnt play so bad a game and tried like hell to clear the crease unlike most of our defense.
  2. Sadly too much blame is put on G. He is being used completely wrong for years. He was given no help at all and just expected to put up numbers like Lindros. Its BS. The guy isn't bad at all he just isn't what this organization is trying to make him. Thats the problem here... the Fyers NEVER get it right. They always try and put square plugs in round holes. Until it stops the Team is doomed.
  3. I read the part about "our big guns ...." and I thought do we really have big guns? I mean yeah we rely on G to score but I dont think we have big guns which is our problem on this team. I so miss the days when this Team did have Big Guns!
  4. I am frustrated by this Team as well. Been following them since the 70's. They need a True #1 Center and If they keep G he needs to be moved to the #2 spot just like Tavares in Toronto. He is not a number 1 center any longer. This move would probably actually help him and It will get him away from first line defenders and open some ice up for him. This dump and chase hockey we play is horrible. No one is chasing! They also throw so many blind or behind the back passes to no one and end up turning pucks over. They need to play like all the great Teams have done in the past which is puck posse
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