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We're Now 1-1 When We Score 8 Goals In A Game!

Guest Samifan

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They are on pace to score 8 or more goals 10 more times this season. I'm going to guess they don't lose any more than one of those.

man I'd like to hope not! What's cool is that it's one thing to put up that many goals when it's a game filled with no defense, it's another thing to do it and then almost log a shut out. I'm convinced the team stopped playing at thee end but am willing to forgive it.

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ahah! that's a riot of a stat right there.

I'm glad we put up as many as we did in a win. Now anytime we score a lot we won't have to hear "Flyers scored a season-high 8 goals in a losing effort"

I just figure sh-it happens and both of those games were anomalies. (now there will be like 3-4 more games like it this year)

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