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LOL....wow.....very interesting

Love this quote from a Ranger fan:

Hi guys. Having suffered through Schultz-Rolfe and all sorts of humiliation as the Flyers ripped the Rangers over the many years, I never thought I would ever say this. But after tonight.....after Letang spearing Gaborik in front of the referee with nothing but a warning after he got back to the bench, and after Orpik takes out Stepan's knee with 5 minutes to go and ahead by 3 goals, possibly wrecking Step's knee, I have a message for you all:

LET'S GO FLYERS!!!!!!!!!!!

Beat the ever-loving piss out of them. I want to see body bags like the old days. Battleship Kelly, Big Bird Saleski, Dave the Hammer, hell, I am now a Rinaldo and Sestito fan.

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Originally Posted by MrEctions viewpost.gif

As a Rangers fan, this feels dirty, but Let go Flyers! Hate those ****ing flightless birds and their two whiny girls. Really looking forward to this matchup!

THIS! Please beat those pieces of **** you have to share a state with.

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Man, this is just confusing. I can't imagine a scenario that I would be so mad that I could actually type that about the Rangers, but I guess anything is possible now. Thanks?

At least this should finally put to rest the garbage about Flyers fans whining about the Pens* when they 'win'.

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Every Rangers fan I've talked to recently has been hoping for the same. I don't think they want us to win in hopes of the Rags playing the Flyers. They just hate the Pens that much. Quite honestly, if they were playing the Pens I would be cheering for the Rangers as well. The Penguins are hated by every fan of the game (I don't consider 99% of Pens fans as real fans).

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