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  1. Is it though? Players develop at much different rates in completely different ways. I don't expect him to have an emergence on a Coots level (wasn't he 24 when he broke out?) but Hartman looked pretty damn good in his first game with the O&B. Had some scoring opportunities, laid some nasty hits down, beat out an icing play (he's got some nice speed). Let's see what he can do in Philly before poo pooing on the guy. Of course next clean open ice hit he has will probably be a suspension and then he'll go down the Gudas road to being afraid to touch anyone...
  2. Def looked good his first game. Had some huge (and clean) hits, 4/5 shots on net, and showed some real good speed even beating out an icing call. Was all around good hustle and solid play. If he can bury those shots every now and then we got ourselves a damn good player. Not understanding why so many fans are unhappy with this deal thinking we got fleeced. As several have mentioned you are thinking of Simmonds value with your heart and memory of his production/value in the past. He is not quick enough to be effective anymore. Also Nashville traded a 1st for Hartman last year so just pretend we got a 1st and a conditional 4th for Simmonds if that will make the masses happy.
  3. Hartman and a 4th rounder that can be a 3rd if Nashville wins a round........ Hartman can be a really good physical 2 way player and a more than likely 3rd rounder. Not a bad return.
  4. Hope but seriously doubt he takes a 2-3 year deal... shocked/disappointed/happy all at the same time he hasn't played his last game with the O&B.
  5. Former linemate of Frost's, decent prospect but not a A level. I think a 1st and B level prospect is fair. Any team trading for Simmonds is going to be a late 1st. They aren't going to give up a roster player since they will be in the cup hunt.
  6. ***CAUTION******CAUTION*** EKLUND ARTICLE ***CAUTION******CAUTION*** "Hearing Tampa and the Flyers are talking a deal that could send Simmonds to the Lightning and return Boris Katchouk, who was at one point a linemate of Flyers prospect Morgan Frost, and possibly a draft pick..." If that is legit the pick better be a 1st. Only problem is the Rangers get the Lightning 1st rounder if they win the cup (they don't have a 2nd either), so it would have to be conditional on Tampa NOT winning the cup, otherwise 2020 1st. Of course based on the source of this Simmonds is probably going to re-sign within an hour.
  7. At least we are good at winning faceoffs? You would think with the best FO% in the league we would have much better puck possession which would lead to scoring chances. NOPE, not with this team!
  8. Hart had a real rough start at the AHL level but was able to turn it around, I'm not so sure I want to see him getting any game time in front of this dumpster fire of a team.
  9. Read this, I'm ok with the firingnow... well can accept it at least. [Hidden Content]
  10. At this point the whole damn coaching staff needs to go.
  11. I am utterly disappointed and quite frankly pissed off at the firing of Hextall. I'm sure there are some in the fan base that agree it is time but I'm sure that has been beaten to death on the main thread. Darren Dreger is reporting that Ron Francis and Chuck Fletcher are among early candidates for the GM job. What are your thoughts on them as potential candidates? As mentioned I'm still in a sour mood about this so unless we somehow hire Yzerman I'm not going to like it.
  12. Yea that isn't accurate... I use capfriendly [Hidden Content]
  13. I'm definitely a fan of his. He has a solid two-way game and if he can continue to develop offensively he will be a real force on the ice. He has good size and more importantly isn't afraid to use it in the right situation, blocks shots, and for the most part is a calming force on the blue line. I think people forget that he is only 23 years old, in 2-3 years I think we will get a better feel for what he will become but he is trending in the right direction.
  14. That game was a complete dumpster fire. Right before the first goal we were looking great and then everything just fell apart. The complete lack of team defense and blown coverage was horrendous. Elliott definitely let in some softies but also had some good saves and didn't get much help from anyone. The part that really pissed me off the most was nobody seemed to get angry that they were getting embarrassed so bad during their home opener. Hopefully the game in Ottawa tonight can give them a little confidence and swagger back. On a positive note the renovations in the Mezzanine level looked great. My only gripe was there seemed to just be the same concessions spread out instead of more of a variety. Having a janitor in every bathroom was nice too and were probably the cleanest I've ever seen. Anyone else sitting in the Mezzanine, did the seats seem even smaller than before? I'm not a big guy by any stretch and it seemed tight, I can't even imagine being a larger fella (or lady) and trying to sit in those things as I was extremely uncomfortable.
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