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  1. The whole fascination with size confuses me at this point. There are so many smaller players in the NHL that put up points and are successful NHL players. We will have plenty of size with on the blue line and 5'11" is far from small. We traded back a few spots, got a 2nd, and still got a player our scouts were targeting. It was a no brainer. We got a smart offensive defenseman that showed great improvement without the puck while still putting up numbers. By the time he is pro ready he will be even more complete.
  2. The picks surrendered in RFA compensation have to be your own pick. So unless SJ trades us Hagg for our own 2nd rounder we can't offer sheet him. We would have to do a trade and sign. I think Kappy would be a perfect 3rd line RW for us. He's young, has speed, and can score.
  3. Bit more than I would like to give up but from what I can see he is a solid defensive dman, we have enough that can put up points. Looking at his GP seems to be real durable too. With San Jose needing to shed cap I would have hoped for a 3rd and bottom tier prospect but if the guy can help us out now the 2nd isn't a huge loss especially with how stocked our farm is. Now who gets shipped out.... or does Morin go to the minors for the year and Hagg stay as the 7th? Also Hart is probably loving these moves lol
  4. Not sure how I feel about this. We're getting a guy who had a relative down year, is older, higher cap hit, longer term.
  5. Flyers retain 30% of Gudas' salary. Niskanen has a $5.75 million cap hit for the next 2 years
  6. Proposal I made on a AGM site was Ghost for 15thOA, Joni Ikonen (should be in the NHL next year), and Shaw. Tatar or Drouin could be targets as well but not sure if Montreal would give them up.
  7. I think any Flyers fan would want them to pull that off, no way Nashville bites though.
  8. Is it though? Players develop at much different rates in completely different ways. I don't expect him to have an emergence on a Coots level (wasn't he 24 when he broke out?) but Hartman looked pretty damn good in his first game with the O&B. Had some scoring opportunities, laid some nasty hits down, beat out an icing play (he's got some nice speed). Let's see what he can do in Philly before poo pooing on the guy. Of course next clean open ice hit he has will probably be a suspension and then he'll go down the Gudas road to being afraid to touch anyone...
  9. Def looked good his first game. Had some huge (and clean) hits, 4/5 shots on net, and showed some real good speed even beating out an icing call. Was all around good hustle and solid play. If he can bury those shots every now and then we got ourselves a damn good player. Not understanding why so many fans are unhappy with this deal thinking we got fleeced. As several have mentioned you are thinking of Simmonds value with your heart and memory of his production/value in the past. He is not quick enough to be effective anymore. Also Nashville traded a 1st for Hartman last year so just pretend we got a 1st and a conditional 4th for Simmonds if that will make the masses happy.
  10. Hartman and a 4th rounder that can be a 3rd if Nashville wins a round........ Hartman can be a really good physical 2 way player and a more than likely 3rd rounder. Not a bad return.
  11. Hope but seriously doubt he takes a 2-3 year deal... shocked/disappointed/happy all at the same time he hasn't played his last game with the O&B.
  12. . That's the thing with him, he has the size but also speed and some skill to go with it (at least from what I can read).
  13. We ended up where it would be 12th, but with the Golden Knights in play it's pushed down to 13th
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