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  1. Marlies have been undefeated at home, hopefully can get 2 or 3 in Allentown and win on the road.
  2. I read Sanheim could potentially be back, he's been seen walking around with no crutches. Morin on the other hand isn't looking good...
  3. I'd be all for a Elliott/Lyon tandem. Lyon was dreadful his first stint up but played respectively well the 2nd time around. You need to get one of our young goalies up to make room on the Phantoms too. There is no point in having all these goalies in the system if you don't challenge them at the next level, we'll never know what they are capable of. The sample size last year from Lyon showed that he deserves a chance to be in the NHL. So we should start Neuvirth, he'll get hurt in the 1st period of the 1st preseason game. Call up Lyon, and let him and Elliott play it out at a 60/40 75/25 rate depending on how Elliott and Lyon are playing.
  4. He's had a rough year with the injury bug. People are giving him the "injury prone" label which just isn't true. Hopefully it's not a ACL tear and just a sprain.
  5. Great, and now Morin is down with a knee injury! The Phantoms played the longest game in AHL history last night and won. Lyon made 90 some saves and Myers logged a full 60 minutes (and didn't get hurt, yay!)
  6. I can't believe the number of people that aren't for trading up to #2 if the offer is there. We already have a lot of talent, at this point we need quality over quantity. If we give up 14, 19, and Myers it would absolutely be worth it. Especially if Simmonds is on his way out of town, I think we could get a 1st back for him or substitute him for one of the picks to Carolina and change Myers to a lesser prospect. I really don't see Carolina moving the pick though so we'll see how this unfolds. As for using the NFL point system for a NHL draft it is 100% not even close to being valid for the NHL.
  7. Had a knee on knee collision and is done for the series. Hopefully it's nothing too serious, this was a good opportunity to get some big minutes in some big games.
  8. Oh sweet baby jesus.... I need coffee
  9. How has his cake baking skills developed over the years?
  10. I think the letters on the front of a sweater are vastly overvalued by all fan bases. You don't need a C or an A to speak up to one another or to have respect from your teammates. Sure it shows a sign that the coach respects you as a player and a leader on the team but that's about it. That being said he has been here long enough, he has shown he can be a responsible player, and now he has shown he can be a producer. Show the kid some respect.
  11. Amazing to see such a young player take personal responsibility with such maturity. He was the furthest thing from the problem with this team and still took ownership for the mistakes he did have. He will only grow and get better from this experience, can't wait to see how he develops.
  12. We should probably dress 3 goalies tonight. Start off with Elliott (should be Neuvirth), then pull him after 3 or so bad goals allowed. Let Neuvirth come in and either play amazing but suffers an injury or will let in 3 or 4 more goals and then pull him for Mrazek. Mrazek will be Mrazek. Pens win 12-1 (Flyers score when a Penguin hits a teammate's skate and it bounces in with an empty net from a pending PP).
  13. The probability of BOTH players reaching that potential and becoming 30 goal scorers is low. I'd rather roll the dice on a higher percentage 40 goal scorer in Svechnikov. But I don't see why another GM would trade down with him there unless they receive a significant over payment.
  14. If we could come together with a package and move up to 2 or 3 and get Svechnikov or Zadina I would be all on board. Or if somehow Dahlin isn't drafted 1st overall. 14th and our 2nd 1st (31st!?) probably won't be enough to move up that much though. So what would Ottawa or Arizona want? If Arizona can we unload Lehtera in the process since they have all that cap space? Both firsts, Lehtera, Morin or Myers for 3rd overall?
  15. I'll take $400k to take that job...

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