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  1. So if this is real could the Flyers terminate his contract similar to how the Kings handled Richards' contract? Not that we are in need of the cap space this year but having that extra bit sure would be nice especially if someone wants to give us a pick to take on an expiring contract to make room for another player.
  2. While those types of players are great to have, they aren't $5.2 for 6 years great. The most points he had was this year with 35, before that his career high is 23. He definitely stepped it up in the playoffs so maybe that was part of the logic behind the contract but still a very substantial over payment in my opinion.
  3. Neuvirth needs to get traded. Let Elliott and Lyon play up with the Flyers and Hart and Stolarz tag team the Phantoms. As it stands right now there is no spot for Hart (unless they don't re-sign Stolarz which would be shocking).
  4. It's an Eklund rumor so it definitely won't happen. As mentioned before there is ZERO reason to trade for him especially if they want Ghost. Ghost is signed to a very team friendly contract, is younger, produced better offensively last year (I know Ghost was outproduced in years past), and has been healthier. Karlsson is definitely a better defender but Ghost has improved in that aspect of his game as well, I see no reason to do this trade. Karlsson isn't $6.5 million better than Ghost (assuming he signs a Doughty contract) and certainly not worth giving up Ghost plus picks/prospects. Ottawa can ask for the moon and not get nothing just to watch him walk as far as I am concerned. He doesn't want to be there and everyone knows it so the price should be lower.
  5. Anyone know anything about him? I just see he's got solid size and a RH shot and only 27. Seems to be a good signing based on need. From TSN: Assets Owns an ideal frame (6-3, 204 pounds) and plenty of puck-moving acumen. Is sound defensively and can provide a fair amount of offense at lower levels. Flaws Needs to prove he can handle National Hockey League power forwards in the big league. Must also prove he can produce more offense in the NHL. Career potential Big, solid defenseman.
  6. Never had a problem with him as the 6th/7th dman but he was overused and put in situations he had no right being in. That being said I wish him luck. Can't believe he got paid that much for 2 years.
  7. He did get 36 goals last year. But he will be 34 by the time the contract is up. I would have been fine with paying him that much for 3 years, 5 year deal should have gotten down to around $6 mil I would think.
  8. I heard 5 years @ $7 mil per.... bit too much for my liking
  9. Don't mind the player but the position taken seems odd (have been a lot of reached this draft). Really wish we traded back 6-7 spots and got him.
  10. Ugh, I can't wait until tomorrow...
  11. Trade Neuvirth for a 5-6th round pick and let Lyon play. We have too many goalies and not enough spaces for them to play. I'd rather see what Lyon has this season then pick up one of the above goalies. If he pans out, he can take starts away from Elliott and maybe start next year. If not, you let him walk or trade him for a low pick (if he signs more than a 1 year deal).
  12. Kupari/Farabee/Kravstov at 14 At 19, I would be perfectly fine with a trade back into mid twenties and pick up a 3rd and swing the fences with Bokk or Wilde if available. Bokk sounds like a potential steal in the late first. Wilde will be a roll of the dice and could see him going anywhere from the teens to an early 2nd rounder. He has the size, speed, and shot, it's just putting everything together. He has the potential to be a dominant impact dman and is a RIGHT HANDED SHOT. This draft is definitely loaded with talent and there will be a lot of steals when looking back in a few years. I'm just glad we are in the position to have two decent first round picks. And who knows, maybe we move up for a late first/early 2nd if Hextall sees someone he likes he usually makes it happen.
  13. Wow, that might be one of the worst mock drafts I've ever seen.... no thanks on that trade. How about Morin (not sure why they are suggesting an injured player), Raffl, and a 4th for Mark Stone? Ottawa's owner isn't going to want to pay him lol Agreed, I think there are better options at 14 than Wilde but I would be happy with him at 19th. 15 days and we'll figure out what the hell actually goes down!
  14. I'm taking Bode Wilde with 19 if he is there. He has size, speed, and a cannon of a shot (RIGHT HANDED TOO!)
  15. Weird that didn't work.... I think the price to move up this draft is going to be high. Detroit seems like the more feasible trade partner since they openly said they are open for business regarding the pick. Yes those are both mine. I just threw a bunch of stuff out there, I can see Hexy making a few moves but some of those are a bit too drastic. The Hamilton trade I'd figure it would cost more and would probably have to include some prospects. Calgary doesn't have a pick in the 1st 3 rounds this year so they will be desperate to acquire a few.

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