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  1. Next years draft whoever gets first pick could basically be getting the next super star that could set you up for the next 15 years. I think Bedard is going to be a special player. I've watched him play and he's impressive.
  2. This isn't the draft they need to tank for. It's next years draft they need to tank for. They'll get a fairly high pick this year but next years draft the top two are going to be really good. Bedard or Michkov. Don't think you can go wrong with either.
  3. Really? I've heard the Makar story several times over that last three years. Every time someone would tweet it out people would freak out on them. Definitely wasn't shocked when I listened to that pod cast Clarke was on. Was a good listen. Clarke had some interesting stories.
  4. What I find interesting is I haven't seen one person come to Hextall's defense yet. Usually when you get a story like this there will always be one person that comes forward and says wait a second it didn't go down like that. But nothing from no one. Unless I'm missing something. But I haven't seen anything on twitter or anything. The only thing I have seen is from former players and employee's saying ya that was common knowledge at the time. What I don't get is why people are so surprised that Clarke would say something. He was asked a question and he answered it. Not like he has ever held ba
  5. Every year I tell myself this is the last year I get center ice. October rolls around and I dish out my $250. Come January I'm telling myself never again. I've become like the Flyers every year. I do the same thing over and over hoping it will change and it never does. I really believe fans need to start talking with their wallets. Including myself. When they start getting crowds like the Panthers it might open some eyes. Until then it will be a vicious cycle of mediocrity. As long as Comcast is making a couple bucks people will pat themselves on the back and line their pockets. Welcome to a
  6. Sorry Provorov is not a number 1 D. Guys Like Hedmen are number 1 D men.
  7. I would take Provorov off that list and add Frost. Provorov has struggled ever since playing Montreal in the playoffs two years ago. D that log his minutes fetch a lot on the market. I think Frost is going to turn out to be a very good player.
  8. Hart: playing Good..not great..still giving up goals where the announcers comment: "He'd like to have that one back" (Why can't WE ever find an Igor Shesterkin?..well actually we did but he plays for Florida...) I'm not sure how many more saves you want out of the kid. Maybe the second goal last night but that was more on Provorov than anything. Kid made a heck a play as well. It's a shooting gallery on Hart and Jones every night. They might have one win if it wasn't for those two. The team has averaged 1.67 goals per game in their last 18. You could have Patrick Roy in net and
  9. You can't trade Giroux till the trade deadline. Your not going to get much this time of year. As far as firing an assistant coach not sure what that would accomplish. You have to clean house if your going to shake things up.
  10. I have always been a die hard Flyers fan but I find this year harder to watch than most. Pretty much every fan can tell the style of play they being asked to play does not fit this teams make up. They could dump the puck into the offensive zone 10 times and maybe get possession 2 times. I will never understand having full possession of the puck and dumping it away hoping to get it back. Count how many times in the offensive zone the Flyers rim the puck but never get the back. It's a quick out. It hard enough to get the puck in the todays NHL not sure why you would want just throw into the cor
  11. I still can't believe when someone runs your best player no one does a thing. Just continue on with the play. Every other team would have jumped the guy.
  12. I don't think changing coaches would matter. Every team just pressures Giroux now and there's not a lot of skill with the other guys to come up with something else. It's so obvious what the plan is and the other teams know it. Kind of sad that there is really no scoring threats on any of their power plays. Keith Yandle should not even be in the line up let alone on the power play. I really hope their not playing him because of some iron man streak.
  13. Coaches rarely get fired when they don't have their full roster. Not that it would matter with this team.
  14. Not one Flyer came in and did a thing. That's your best player. No response. That says a lot about this team right there.
  15. Tim Peel on Twitter: "Ekblad should have received an interference penalty on this play as he completely eliminates the Philadelphia player. And then of course Ekblad is the one to score the OT winner. @DailyFaceoff #Flyers" / Twitter
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