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  1. Problem right now is Hayes is a none factor. He's either hot or cold. Right now he is doing nothing.
  2. I'm not sure why people are so concerned about Hart. He's 22 years old. Typically goalies take a few years to figure the NHL out. Most guys don't get sniff of the NHL till there 23-24. I'm not sure in last nights game which goal he was suppose to stop. Maybe the first goal but he made a good move. It's not just Hart. They had a crazy stat on sports talk radio the other day of the top 15 goalies in the NHL this season how many weren't the starters for their teams. I did take a look at NHL.com and its quite interesting.
  3. For the Bantams I was coaching this year. It was just about hitting the net. If you ever watch a youth hockey game. Watch in warm up how many of the shots miss the net. If the kids got a goal for every time they hit the glass in warm up they would all be Connor Mcdavid. It drives me insane. The last few years what we have been teaching the kids is puck possession. We had a few rules on our teams. Never shoot the puck away, never ice the puck. There is always a play to be made. We try to get them to use there brains on the ice and just don't go for the easy play. If you don't have a play up ic
  4. I've never seen a team pass up so many shots from what I call the shooting zone(from the hash marks to the net) than the Flyers. 90% or more goals will be scored from that zone and they will try pass it. I don't know how many times I've yelled shoot the F'ing puck this year. Even on Sunday you could tell it was a tough background for the goalies. But after the first period they stopped shooting. Rask even looked lost on a couple shots.
  5. They should ban all drop passes. They rarely work. We had to do it my kids team I coached two years ago. Anyone that did a drop pass there was a nice spot on the end of the bench. They learned in a hurry. 90% if the time it ended up in an odd man rush the other way or at least a change of possession.
  6. Your not getting anything for Nolan Patrick. Injury history and under whelming play equals no trade value. I'll give the kid some slack. I figured he would come out good at the start then hit a wall. You cant miss that much time and not have that happen to you. It's going to take him some time to get back to where he needs to be. I think the coaching staff understands that. Thing with him is he needs to figure out what type of player he wants to be. Look at Laughten how long it took him to figure out the style of play that he needed play to stick in the NHL. Some guys never figure it out. Whic
  7. What are you talking about nationwide lockdown? Each Province handles their own lockdowns individually. We hardly had any restrictions last summer. Our restaurants are open. My kids are back playing hockey. My youngest hasn't missed hardly any school this year. I know BC hasn't shut down restaurants. I mean it's not like before Covid but its not a nationwide lockdown.
  8. I don't think they can even practice if they are shut down because of Covid. I think the Devils are just able to practice this week.
  9. I'll take it. Remember when the Devils used to do this to the Flyers. Flyers would outplay them badly for two periods but they had Brodeur. Then the Devils would score a couple in the third. Hart looked like himself last night. I'm not to worried about this team. I've always said you don't know what you have until at least 15 - 20 games in. But you can tell they miss Niskanen. A guy that eats up over 20 minutes a night is hard to replace. If I was Fletcher I would be on the phone every day to Niskanen. One thing I know about pro hockey players. It's hard for them to just stop playing. Or
  10. Cap could be 88 mill next year. Those guys won’t cost to much.
  11. That's been Barzal's issue. He can dominate when he wants and then disappears for stretches. That one of the reason's he got called out by his coach a couple weeks ago.
  12. I don't mind what the Flyers did. I think the biggest X factors this year compared to last is Vigneault and Carter Hart. I also think people will be quite surprised with Braun. I got to see him play a ton here in Edmonton. Very good D man. Doesn't get the credit when you play with the rest of the stars the Sharks had. Just having Hart for a full season compared to the first 40 games last season will make a difference. We will see a whole different system under Vigneault. Expect a ton of shot blocking and long stretch passes. I think that's one of the reason's Gudas isn't here any longer. He wa
  13. It's not a really great draft year. I wouldn't waste your time.
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