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  1. Cap could be 88 mill next year. Those guys won’t cost to much.
  2. That's been Barzal's issue. He can dominate when he wants and then disappears for stretches. That one of the reason's he got called out by his coach a couple weeks ago.
  3. I don't mind what the Flyers did. I think the biggest X factors this year compared to last is Vigneault and Carter Hart. I also think people will be quite surprised with Braun. I got to see him play a ton here in Edmonton. Very good D man. Doesn't get the credit when you play with the rest of the stars the Sharks had. Just having Hart for a full season compared to the first 40 games last season will make a difference. We will see a whole different system under Vigneault. Expect a ton of shot blocking and long stretch passes. I think that's one of the reason's Gudas isn't here any longer. He was not good at getting out of the D zone. I remember when he coached the Canucks it was really frustrating to watch because shots hardly ever got through. That's one of the things the Sedins had trouble with is Vigneault expected everyone to block shots.
  4. It's not a really great draft year. I wouldn't waste your time.
  5. Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie 1h1 hour ago More It’s not yet a done deal but PHI continues to work toward a long-term contract for pending UFA centre Kevin Hayes and, for now anyway, there’s a sense of optimism. Stay tuned. Curious on the market value for Hayes. Six years at north of $6.5 million perhaps? 1 reply 12 retweets 17 likes Reply 1 Retweet 12 Like 17 Direct message
  6. I would say Ghost. After Provo and Sanheim get new deals that going to be a lot of money in defensemen.
  7. I have a feeling Ghost is gone for a winger. Toronto perhaps.
  8. Justin Braun's a really good defensemen. Doesn't get the attention with all the star D San Jose has. I like this trade.
  9. Problem with Duchene is his other teams have used him as a number 1 center. I think he fits perfectly as a number 2. 70 points in 73 games this year. Will upgrade your power play immediately. Not a lot of other choices out there with that type of offensive production.
  10. My guess is the Flyers will take a run at Matt Duchene and someone like Anton Stralman. Coburn is available as well.. All I can is say after watching Talbot here in Edmonton for the past two seasons I hope the don't sign him. His game has regressed so much it's crazy. I don't even know if he's an NHL goalie anymore.
  11. Dave Isaac‏Verified account @davegisaac 27m27 minutes ago More Can confirm, as @frank_seravalli just reported, Joel Farabee will leave Boston University and sign his entry-level contract with the #Flyers.
  12. I think that acquiring Talbot was a favor to Edmonton. Edmonton had to get under the cap to fit Sekura coming off injured reserve. The Flyers have lots of cap space. Also Elliot coming in and playing well right away keeping them close in the playoff race kind of changed their plans as well.
  13. Sounds like CLB won't be trading Panarin since adding Duchene. This could increase Simmonds trade value a bit. Pretty sure Nashville was in on Duchene. Columbus trying to make a run before they lose all thier UFA's this summer.

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