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  1. There's a few NHL goalie's that train together in Edmonton during the summer.
  2. My guess is it's Holtby. Trains with Hart in the off season. Being bought out by Vancouver today. I hope it's Bernier though. I see Martin Jones is being bought out today as well. Kind of interesting if he can find his old form.
  3. They lost Myers who is 6.5' but plays like he's 5.6' and has some of the worst hockey sense I've seen. The game is to quick for him. There's a reason he went undrafted. As for Patrick. Can anyone actually be mad they got rid of Patrick. The guy plays scared on the ice.
  4. There was two different scouts on the radio this morning up here. Both said don't be surprised if you see some 1st round picks being moved. Because of not playing last year, this years draft is a toss up. A lot of teams feel they can get the player they want in the later rounds. I don't see the first being traded this year as that big of deal. I was actually hoping they were going to move it. Most have Power as being number 1 yet I have seen two other scouting reports that have him ranked low as 7th. That's the type of draft this is. The Flyer's just traded for a former top 10 draft pick wit
  5. Nope. Sending a 2nd and a 7th for cap space. Flyers get nothing.
  6. Meltzer mentioned it a while ago. As have other beat writers. Usually stuff leaks out to them eventually. I remember hearing it on one of the podcasts as well. I'm to lazy to go searching for it.
  7. Just think. Flyers scouts wanted Hextall to take Makar not Patrick.
  8. Apparently he wasn't very popular in the Flyer's locker room. The Flyers beat writer's touched on this on twitter. He was very arrogant and it really rubbed people the wrong way. I don't think talking crap after he left was his smartest move either. Until you made your mark in the NHL people have long memories.
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