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I didn't say he wasn't "team" orriented. Carcillo an ass clown. NOT compaing caricillo to subban (talant level) but the point is I can admit what he was an ass clown. Think frickin' Avery!!!!!

So, this will sound shallow but i truely mean it, I can't root for a guy who has no class, no respect for the game, his elders which directly reflects on the team he is playing for and against. None. It's like when Chicago won the cup on our ice and Bufflieyn (sp) skated around with the Hawks Flag/lLogo. OK , Then he places it over the Flyers Logo at center ice. That piece of crap could catch fire and I wouldn't care. Why? Because he doesn't/didn't respect his opponent, the game or the other players and tradition....

Subban has shown me NOTHING in regards to the integrity of the game. What a waste of talent...

and as a side note, I'll call out any Flyer also, like carcillo, so long as it's deserved...

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I am one of the Charter members of a group called S.I.J.A.P.... Subban Is Just A Punk. Only two guys in the NHL have a worse "head flail" than Subban....Carcillo, as mentioned by our Spud friend, and Letang whose name loosely translates to " The Pu$$y"....I will give Briere a close 3rd but this is a slam Subban thread. His own team mate, Hal Gill at the time,called him to the carpet for being classless (You're an A$$hole).


Subban feels he is a privileged player who should be catered to and waited on hand and foot. You can keep him in Montreal....with his attitude, he is made for the Habs....

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Destroy is a strong word to describe that hit. Subban laid a nice check into him and subsequently it knocked some of the dust off of Larsson's fish box.

Subban did check to see if Larsson was still alive; which is nice.....

Note had to edit three times to get the female anatomy word through.

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He reminds me of Pronger, actually, ever since he sliced Staal's foot with his skate... Though Pronger obviously was a lot more dirtbag in his skate incident. Subban's actually looked accidental.

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