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If the Flyers organ-eye-zaaa-shun was smart they would offer Mark Messier some type of postion with the team now that Messier has told the Rangers FU. Messier wants to be a head coach at some point and would probably accept a "player development" position to gain experience. Having a multi-time Stanley Cup Champion around the day to day operations could benefit the young players on this team greatly IMO. Hell they could even have Mess replace Berube for that matter. Messier with ZERO coaching experience has to offer more than "Chief".


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@ FC- I was not suggesting a Head coach position, just a chance to get a proven hockey mind and winner into the organization in some capacity. I am actually glad Messier said FU when he realized that the Rags weren't going to be a good ol boy network for former players. That's something you will never see Snider do. I am still waiting for the announcement regarding Jody Shelley's next job with the team.

...the flyers announce Jody Shelley has been named Special Assistant to the Assistant General Manager......

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Ask the Yotes how the Great one was. I always thought it was strange that a lot of head coaches weren't very good players.

That probably happens more often than not. Great players have abilities that you can't teach. Gretzky can't teach players to see and think the game the way he did. I think to be a great coach it's more about having a clear idea of how you want your team to play, and getting everyone on board to consistently play that way, and play hard. Think Lombardi, Bill Walsh, Scotty Bowman, Fred Shero... I don't think any of them were great players (maybe not even good players) but they knew what they wanted their guys to do and knew how to get them to do it.

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Agreed guys, some think that great players somehow translate into great coachs, and that is simply not the case. For every Larry Robinson, there's a 2 Gretzky's. Wow, weird to post something negative about that guy, but he did suck as a coach.

edit, how about you go down to the A and do it like all the other guys Mess. The sense of entitlement is sickening. Actually, guys coach for years and years in Junior B and the CHL, just to get the chance to coach in the A........pass.

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