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nothing but a paycheck


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this whole team just doesnt care, if they cared they wouldnt demand so much money, now the holmgren overpaid these scrums, they just dont care, they only care about is their paycheck nothing else.


if alot of good players came here for less money, it's telling me, they want to win a championship, just like gagne and of course homer wanted to stick with overpaid bums.


look at the sixers, no one is overpaid and they are playing like want to win, the flyers are the complete opposite, actually the eagles last year were the same way.

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I don't agree the players don't care. These players are lacking direction and structure. They are a ship without a captain...and I don't mean Giroux, although he is a big part of the problem. But there are some serious issues there.

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I am talking about starting a line brawl because we were getting our butts handed to us.


I am a big supporter of a  good line brawl when we are sticking up for a player after a dirty hit but not when you are losing and are pissed.  I feel it was their way of saying FU Capitals for beating us.

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