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It dawned on me tonight: this team has a low hockey IQ. Don't get me wrong, they have a lot of other problems, but we can all agree that they do so many stupid things out there, there must be no other explanation for it.


Coburn has a brainlock every game, Giroux and his no look passes in his own zone while protecting a one goal lead, Read turning puck after puck over, Couturier passing across ice instead of simply banging it off the boards, on an on and on and on...


This is  a dumb team.

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@caluso  I don't know if that is the case. Reason being, in general, we would not have made such a claim last year.....so I really don't think you can have a decent hockey IQ and then lose it. It's either something you have or you don't, it can't evaporate over time (barring some type of concussion type symptoms). There has always been Flyers that have been a bit slower than average....but in general, I'd say this team was not brain dead last year. 


 Giroux is the puzzling one, cause he went from straight up wicked vision to having tunnel vision, I really can't explain it, unless there is a "I don't care" type of thing going on. I thought Read was pretty smart also, but he like others has regressed. Hartnell is dead as a door knob when it comes to this skill. This is an area where Couturier was *supposed* to be quite proficient at, I even read scouting reports that stated his hockey IQ was off the charts, but it has not translated to the NHL, not even close....in fact, it's a real weakness for him. That is one of the reasons I've soured on his overall potential.


 I've always thought Coburn was far below average in hockey IQ, ditto for Luke Schenn. Rinaldo is one of those types that has no creativity, no ability to anticipate, he just reacts. Typically, a guy with low hockey IQ has trouble entering the offensive zone, if they are alone they will just circle back and regroup, because they don't see things developing quickly enough.


 This is an area where Laughton excels at, same for Cousins...it's a very nice thing for a youngster to have in his back pocket, cause it makes breaking into the league a lot less stressful.


 A strict defensive scheme will sometimes stunt hockey IQ's, because the on ice positioning takes precedence over creativity. Since the Flyers don't employ this type of system, it makes the regression all the more puzzling. I have no answers here.

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