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Phaneuf signs 7 year $49 million extension


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In the worst kept secret of recent memory the Leafs signed happy-faced Dion Phaneuf to a longterm extension at $7 million per year. I don't think it's a bad signing...it's not like they were going to get anything better out there. He's likely not a top ten defenceman in the league even though he's being paid like one (heck he may not be a top ten CANADIAN defenceman). But with the cap going up it should work out ok, as long as he doesn't regress now that he's locked in til he's 35. 



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Hefty price, but happy to see Phagoof locked up. A Leafs defense without him is just....pitiful at this point.



Him and Kessel got some pretty big bucks from Nonis I have to say. Still, that looks really good in comparison to the ghosts of contracts past (and probably present, if early indications on David "Wendal" Clarkson mean anything).

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