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Langenbrunner Retires


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Even though he ended his career with the Blues, I remember him equal parts NJ Devil and Dallas Star.


Never overly spectacular in anything he did, he nonetheless defined the meaning of solid NHL player.

He had spikes of very good offense throughout his career, but I seem to recall his numbers were average to above average...though he always seemed to come up with big goals when either the Devils or Stars needed them the most.


Had a great track record of a leader on the ice and the locker room and the combination of decent offense, clutch performance, and leadership, always seemed to make him the topic of talk with other GM's for trade whenever either the Devils or Stars struggled on any given year.


Unfortunately for me, being a Lightning and Wild fan, I always found myself rooting AGAINST the guy (esp when the Bolts were trying to establish themselves in the early/mid 2000's as a perennial contender and Langenbrunner and his blasted NJ Devils ALWAYS seemed to be in the way!), but I always knew he was a very key piece to any winning team and secretly wished he played for my teams!    ;)


Very good NHL career he carved for himself and GL to him and his family in his retirement.

Can he reappear at some point as an NHL coach? Wouldn't surprise me. I can see his leadership skillset easily transfer to a job behind the bench in some capacity.

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  I'll remember Langer has a balls to the wall, old fashioned winger who never took a shift off. He lead by example and always seemed to score a go ahead or tying goal when his team needed it the most. He'll be forgotten as the years pass, never be mentioned for the Hall of Fame, but he was a pure blood and guts winner type.....I'll miss him.

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