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What's the worst contract in the league?


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Some of the Homer threads in the Flyers forum, got me thinking.  What is your opinion of the worst contract in the league right now, and why?  Is it cap hit/duration/overpayment/etc?


 Here's a few links from CapGeek.com for assistance.  Ignore bought-out contracts for this exercise.  








One that jumps out at me is Jordan Staal.  He's finishing up the 1st year, of a 10 year deal, with a $6 million cap hit/season.  The most points he's EVER scored in the NHL is 50, and this season, while playing in all 82 games, he finished with 15 goals, and 45 points.  


Probably because it's Carolina, but I tend to forget about that contract.  YUCK.  

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 Clarksons pretty bad on the Leafs.


 Semin is getting 7 a year in Carolina. You knew he'd be a no show once that deal was signed.


Semin was injured. Was pretty effective when he did play (he was on my FHL). Carolina sucks, tho. Not a $7M player any more than Havlat or Heatley were...

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1. Stephen Weiss.

2. Clarkson

3 thru 10 Ovechkin

I thought Weiss would be a good signing but he was wretched, absolutely awful, The best thing he did for the Wings was miss most of the season. And as a post lockout signing he cannot be used as a buyout. Ugh.

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