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To the Hockey Gods...PLEASE find a destination for Vinny today(outside Philly)

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It probably will happen soon. He is a good player, but does not fit the make up of the Flyers roster. I'd imagine that he'll go to a team that will basically guarantee him to be a 2nd line center or better.Kind of like the deal Jagr got a few years back. 


I do not know what Holmgren promised VLC last summer, maybe he thought he could convert Schenn to a LW or something along those lines. I also do not like Couturier and Read on the 3rd line. I want to see if they can actually become prolific scorers. The make up of this team is not good.


I'd like to see if Simmonds can flip to LW and play on the top line and move Read to the 2nd line. Who knows?

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Umm...  that's gonna cost the Flyers I think.  I honestly thought the VLC for Upshall idea was lucky for you guys.  It won't be easy dumping his contract.  


 I would  have agreed with that thought, VLC being tough to dump, but hey....Bolland was just given 5.5 mill a year, has never shown VLC's scoring touch and has not played a game since "severing" his acchilies tendon. In that type of atmosphere, it makes VLC's contract almost look good.

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I thought for sure it would happen today. Now that it hasn't I'm getting nervous. Those Hockey Gods seem to sound a lot like crickets!

I will breathe much easier when I hear VLC has been traded...please let that happen today.

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VLC has no future with this team... Moving him benefits both the Flyers and VLC.  He will get moved, I am sue of that.  It's not a question of 'if"; it's a question of 'when'.  It would sure be bteer to have him moved already so that the Flyers could have signed someone.  But at this point, with most of the free agents who are worth something gone, it almost doesn't matter how soo he gets moved, I guess.  But I just can't imagine he is still here when the training camp begins. 

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