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Sharks sign Joel Ward 3 yrs / 3.275m AAV

J0e Th0rnton

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Ward has always driven me nuts because there always seems to be more than there is. He goes long stretches of no numbers and he is not a physical player, very few hits or blocks.


 And then he goes through a stretch where he scores goals, not only goals but BIG ones, GWG seem to follow him everywhere, he may be ten games with no goals and two assists and then three GWG in ten games.


 On San Jose on the third line that is perfect. He does not have to be a top six guy, they have lots of them. He can step up to the second line if need be, but 20 goals 40 points from a third line winger is a huge upgrade. Good salary too.


On some teams too much is expected from a guy like Ward, but in SanJose with the top end skill they have he can be a solid spear carrier and a perfect fit.

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two savvy pick ups,  i like Ward a lot, like @yave1964 said Joel plays big when the stakes are highest.  he plays a heavy game.  is a great guy in the community.  San Jose looks to be making themselves better. 

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