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I have even more astonishing numbers:


0.041%  - the success rate of the Flyers PP during the 6 game series with the Caps


0.83 - goals per game average the Flyers scored during same said series vs the Caps.


As great as Neuvy was ... the above numbers show how putrid / atrocious / ugly / horrifying / (fill in the blank ___________________) the Flyers offense was during this series.  It is a crying shame how Neuvy's excellence went wasted.



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Here's 2 more interesting - or shocking - facts:


1) the Caps hadn't lost 2 in a row all year till the Flyers beat them in G4 and G5.


2) Jake Voracek had 1 PP goal this season. ONE. So you say "but he missed a lot of time." Turns out he missed just 9 games this year. He played 72 games, worked a PP that is (in part) designed to set up his one-timer ... and he lit the lamp once. Jake Jake Jake... On the bright side he obviously never recovered from the foot injury. He'll be better next year.

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