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Brandon Tanev, Goon- NHL please


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So Tanev got a game misconduct for this hit?


Not going to front, I'm a fan of Tanev's game, I still hate his team with passion mucho grande,  I can *maybe see a charging call here, however, Tinordi had the puck and this was a hockey play. 


What's Tanev supposed to do? let Tinordi skate the puck into the OZ and let him set up?

I thought this was a good hit with a bad outcome.

Tanev hit him a good 8 feet from the boards, Tinordi is skating North South so he's not facing the boards...Tanev didn't leave his feet, he kept his elbows down, primary point of contact was Tinordi's chest. 


This was perhaps the largest miscarriage of justice I've seen in the league this year, just a terrible call by the officials. 

I'm tempted to start a gofundme for Tanev's fine for this...the league's disciplinary processes are capricious at best and irresponsibly dangerous at their worst. 

Tanev's punishment in game was complete ********- if the league calls for more, it will be a travesty. 


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I agree.
Hit looked good to me.

Looked more like Tinordi just wasn't expecting contact to be as hard as it was and he went flying (big body and all) awkwardly to the ground and into the boards.
None of that was in Tanev's control, except the actual hit, which he seemed to do by the book......errr, whatever 'book' it is the NHL is using at any given moment anyways.

Things like this just brings up the question once again, "Is hitting in hockey done?"
Maybe flag hockey will be upon us sooner than later.

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