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  1. As someone who lives in Oregon......this made me order another beer.
  2. I’m watching Guelf now.... Ratty can pass the puck while skating at speed!
  3. I don’t know why but I love this pick....
  4. What’s up with Laberge being a healthy scratch? Has he not played well since coming back?
  5. Farabee has been scoring a lot on a team that hasn’t been tearing it up. Good to see.
  6. Small sample but I’m a fan. Straight up he is a way better player 5 on 5.
  7. I agree with BC16.... this team is still way too inconsistent. For the first time in forever Hart was stealing games and they went on a run. They still over played him to getting hurt. It is great that the young players are stepping up but it still sporadic at best. im in the clean house camp
  8. Thanks for the posts and updates! Hexy had his faults but drafting, esp moving up and getting a frost, tk or even a Ratliffe sp? Seeems to be looking really good. next season should be the first big wave of high end prospects hitting the ahl. Exciting times. 5 year rebuild right on schedule
  9. I didn’t start the thread but did throw out the Mcdavid idea... while at the bar consuming beers
  10. My friend sent me a text saying the Flyers traded Hart to the rangers...( this is the guy who gives me Winterhawks tixs...and knows how Hart broke the Winterhawks dreams) I knew it was a joke but still...... given phillys goalie situation... would you trade Hart straight up for mc David? I say no considering how many assets the flyers have coming up . I have dreamed for this goalie since ‘87
  11. I have an affinity towards the dub cuz I live in pdx, BUT Sanheim is off the table. He is going to be awesome. If they trade him I’m done.
  12. Only one game but not impressed with Cozens. He was good on the dot and was physical but very meh. I could see the raw tools but he is not even close to a Patrick or Seth Jones level of top five pick
  13. Lethbridge is in Portland tonight. Cozens should be available right around where the Flyers pick. I’ll check back in. Anyone else I should be looking at?
  14. We go back along way my friend.... but those are fighting words!
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