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  1. Because it served the outcome they wanted
  2. 1. my last name is similar to Schultz. I grew up outside los Angeles/Pasadena..when he was a King. 2. I'm a fan of all sports and teams as entertainment. its not some gang war that i'm obligated to pick sides on. The Hawks have one of the coolest and oldest logos/jerseys. I also picked Sharks to make it to finals, even though the only jersey I own is a Vegas Knights one, that was a Christmas gift. I'd take a Blues jersey any day as well i'm not against the Blues. I simply know they are losing because its what the league wants. ---- never mind number 1, lol. I thought I used the Dave Schultz picture like i did elsewhere.
  3. the mobile version keeps effing up. Reposts etc. As you can see earlier in the thread from others
  4. I really don't care who wins. I'm saying it's already decided.
  5. Here's what will happen. The Sharks will win the series but you'll be able to have a injury or bad ref call that you can refer to as an excuse why things didn't go well. But you won't do that. You'll simply use some sports cliche that they didn't want it bad enough or what ever.
  6. The league will let STL host all 3 of their home games for profit and fan joy, but San Jose will still win the series. The Blues are just being used to make up for lost Rams revenue
  7. Lol now 3-1 with game 7, mystery call ,retract a goal magic
  8. The finals will be Boston vs California, just like the mlb and nfl finals
  9. The govt can easily fool you. And your gift is proof how ignorant the typical sports fan is. They believe a guy won 3 championships in a row, quit two years and comes back to win 3 more...while getting older lol. The league made sure he won because they had millions invested in his popularity. It made people buy shoes and junk food. It's all by design, all planned out years in advance. Because Johnny sports fan is too stupid to grasp it= Occams Razors actual purpose. Or it can also be stated that mine is the actual simpler solution. I see a lie, I call it a lie and move on. Simple minded sports fan, over complicates it with : well the refs bla bla, the line bla bla, they just didn't want it bla bla. The Sharks are winning tonight. It was already decided a long, long time ago. It will be California vs Boston in the final, like nfl and MLB, and you'll still be ignorant enough to call it a coincidence. Lol at being so ignorant, you try to argue a puck defying all laws of physics, is just a lucky,odd bounce. I'm not the one who needs help.
  10. its a non critical thinking, coincidence theorist answer. it just happened, man, thats all.... You simply refuse to want to know the truth. that night, the Sharks won their 113th playoff game on the 113th day of the year. that is not a coincidence. that is pure predetermined outcome. theres no way in hell thats luck. the apology is a mocking of you the fan because they know your unable to grasp the biggest hints. no one scores 4 goals in three minutes unless the other team straight just lays down. its season 101 and the Sharks are the only team to finish season with 101 points.
  11. there is no such thing as belief. its as useless a word as coincidence or faith.

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