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  1. If your sentiment is based on his political tweet last week, I was equally disappointed.
  2. Well, the Wild might not be better, but at least a slow team got a little faster. I assume this trade is simply a small puzzle piece,, a stop gap until whether by draft and/or another trade, they find two young (25 and under) top 6 centers for the intermediate to long term future.
  3. 1) Really enjoy your movement chart! 2)Be nice to see Wallinder fall to the Wild in the 2nd rd. 3)Based on an overview of yours and other draft sites, the "safe" pick (Lundell) seems to be again the Wild's destiny. IMO, I hope they can trade up at least several slots to get a more dynamic offensive performer. That said, if Askarov and Sanderson are picked in the top 8, plus perhaps an additional off the board choice, the Wild could have an excellent skilled forward fall into their lap. (IMO there are 6, some would argue 7)
  4. Very good synopsis of some highly likely options. Sure wish Pitt would have chosen to give the Wild the 15 pick. I think one of Mercer, Jarvis or Holloway would be there. Love the idea of getting Rossi. As much as the Wild are desperate for a C, IMO it would be hard to pass on RW Holtz if Rossi is gone. IMO, the Wild, if afforded a reasonable offer, should move up as many slots as possible to increase their chances of getting Rossi (or even a bigger hope of Stutzle or Byfield ) The only small quibble I have with your analysis, is, IMO Hendrix Lapierre is a very good skater.
  5. I totally agree on using the buyouts, if possible, on bigger contracts than Rask. He can be the 13th forward with the ability to fill in at wing or center. Plus, buying out Rask would lose one of the two buyout slots over the next four years. If the Wild can't move Parise or Zucc now, a buyout(s) would be much more manageable two to three years from now.
  6. IMO it is absolutely imperative to trade or buyout Zucc and Parise (even if it requires retaining half of salary in a trade). The immediate issue with my premise..... which of the 30 other GMs would even bite on either one of them. Only solutions are to add a sweetener to the deal and/or taking back a bad contract and then buying it out. Could be very painful!
  7. I agree with your gamer conclusions on Stalock (not totally his fault), and that Donato and Zuccarello were ineffective. I would add Galchenyuk to that mix (among others). Would love to see Sturm. Convinced he has the off puck skills to excel in playoff hockey.
  8. Interesting thought on Addison emulating Hughes prepping Wild for Van.
  9. i also hope he can improve both his first two stride quickness and overall speed.
  10. The movement color tracker is a helpful tool. Thanks!
  11. I thought Walz's first ever night as a color analyst was his best. Excellent insight despite, as would be expected, a very rough presentation. But steep downhill from there. Now, his filibuster style of delivery is so incessantly long, that his points get lost in all the verbiage. Like when Greenlay does color, I'm turning off the sound. Greenlay appears to be a nice guy, but he rarely offers any insight. IMO, VERY lazy preparation. Like you indicated, Nanne was excellent. I'm hopeful on Carter. Still raw, but informative and MUCH, MUCH more succinct than Walz. And as
  12. What might add to the hopes for Beckman, is that his body maturity and strength isn't anywhere near its potential. While he may never be lightning fast, IMO adding eventual power to his existing skill set makes him an outstanding prospect.
  13. That was a nice walk down memory lane. The Rolli/Manny playoff run remains one of my favorite all time NHL memories.
  14. For me, the question is.....is Galchenyuk good enough to be the Wild's future 2nd line center? IMO, he's not going to be a #1C. And with JEE and Sturm IMO the likely #3 and #4 future C's, 2C would be the only slot for him. Personally, though he has been good at times, I'm not yet convinced. Certainly not for a long term commitment. But perhaps short term until Khovanov or any other future draft picks (fingers crossed) are ready. Still hoping Guerin pulls off a deal(s) that upgrades one or miraculously both top 2 center slots.
  15. I liked his first couple of games in his return last week. IMO, he struggled a bit vs the Sharks. I thought he had the possibility to become a Brendan Gallagher type. So far, (only 12 game sample) IMO not seeing enough anticipation or abillity to drive play at the NHL level to warrant that comparison.
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