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  1. A GM will rarely dis an outgoing coach. THAT in NHL circles is classless!
  2. I'm with you in the "I won't go that far" department!
  3. So, you're suggesting that Guerin is taking orders from Parise and Suter?
  4. Looking forward to the onion being peeled (probably very slowly) to find out the real reason for the firing. Hard to believe it's their recent play (7-3-1) It's been suggested that Guerin and Boudreau were not on the same page. LOVE to know the specifics on that! And would also love to know if short term team success is of any concern to Guerin.
  5. Wouldn't be shocked if Guerin moves Galchenyuk before the deadline. Addison got a lot of game (Canada WJC PP QB). While his defensive play has improved, it's still a question mark. Like the first in a deep draft. Would be interesting if their is a possibility to package the two firsts to move up.
  6. ABOVE Foligno Soucy Brodin Hunt (but fading) Parise (barely) AT Staal JEE (but rising) Rask Suter Stalock (At plus) Fiala AT MINUS Kunin Hartman Zucker (injury a factor) Zucc BELOW Dubnyk Spurg Greenway Koivu Donato Dumba
  7. I really enjoyed your analysis. I believe you correctly put Sturm higher than some hockey "experts" have him slotted. My only disagreement is on Boldy. Yes, he's off to a miserable start at BC. But, IMO he has too much size and skill, combined with his solid work ethic to not eventually get back on track.
  8. Galchenyuk is failing with his third team. While o k at times at forward, deemed horrible at center in both Montreal and Arizona. Kerfoot IMO, is a third line forward. Just for the fun of it....I'll give you some IMO, young 2C's who MAY be or who were previously available (based on news reports in the past year) Nylander, Trochek, Dvorak, D.Strome, Schmaltz, Kadri, Drouin. Of those 7 quickly from off the top of my head, I would assume Kadri is the one that would least likely currently be available.
  9. No question, if a #1 center is critical (and I believe it is) the Wild could load up a too good to pass up package. My only point, was that Dumba, IMO straight up would not fetch a young #1 C. Maybe a potential #1 like Glass. But basically, I'm not too sure that teams around the league see Dumba as a top pairing D.
  10. My circular thinking starts with, yes I would trade Dumba for a young number one center. But, IMO no one is going to trade a young number one center straight up for Dumba. So, it ends up a case, for me of illogical wishful thinking.
  11. Please provide your source on "Suter loves to lose",

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