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  1. Please....not Spezza. Rapidly declining 36 year old. Good guy, but the Wild already lead the league in 30 somethings.
  2. Honest question? Do you think Parise and Suter still run the show with Guerin now at the helm? I'm guessing. But I bet that ship has sailed.
  3. I was encouraged by several things about Boldy. Most notably that Wroblewski said that his edge work is the best he's seen at USA hockey and that his lateral skating and speed are excellent. Edge work, IMO is critical. As an example, Jeff Skinner has been able to overcome average speed with his outstanding edge work ability. The concern for Boldy is his first two steps. IMO, that is often times correctable. Charlie Coyle is an example. And the fact that Boldy's labeled as an excellent athlete furthers that optimism. Overall, a huge plus, is his move to center. For me, it's a glimmer of hope that both Boldy and Khovanov are potential top 6 C's.
  4. If Khovanov can improve his skating (especially separation), IMO he becomes a very intriguing prospect.
  5. I agree on the difficulty of getting a 1C. But Dreger was referring to a 1C or 2C. I don't think it's inconceivable that a 2C (or potential 2C) could become available.
  6. Travis Zajac is 34 Chara is 42.
  7. Well, if you want to add to your already abundant collection of mid 30's age centers. Personally, I think the Wild need to get younger. If it was my druthers, they wouldn't add a center older than 26, younger if possible.
  8. The Minnesota Wild are looking for a top-six center according to Darren Dreger of TSN, who explained what new GM Bill Guerin is looking for on the latest edition of Insider Trading:
  9. Are you suggesting that Fenton is stalking Russo in his favorite tropical hangout?
  10. WILD WILDLY OVERPAY SPURGEON! IMO, Not really. Subban 9M Ekman-Larsson 8.3M Ekblad 8M Letang 7.3M Vlasic 7M And all of the above signed their contracts in lower cap years Add Trouba's 8M as an RFA, IMO makes Spurgeon's 7.8M pretty close to fair market value. Now I do wish the term could have been a bit less.
  11. Yeah, the cupboard is pretty bare, but hopefully Kaprizov, Boldy, Khovanov and maybe Firstov and McBain will someday be NHL caliber.
  12. I agree. With Hunt able to play either side, Bouramman was the 8th RHD in the system. With two undersized defensemen ahead of him at Iowa and the two RHD Johansson's in the pipeline, IMO, it didn;t make a lot of sense to use one of your 50 franchise roster spots for him. All that said, you remember when Torchetti back in 2015 mentioned how much he loved Bouramman? He thought his puck moving skills could fast track him to the NHL. Unfortunately, his lack of size and defensive game has him, to this point, a borderline AHLer.
  13. I like JEE's play without the puck. Hope the game slows down a bit for him when he has the puck on his stick.

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