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  1. I think you are hitting the nail on the head with this take. I would also add in that Coyle, although not his fault, was over valued/hyped as something he really isn't. I think he would be better off playing to what his strengths are but stuff like that was lost years ago as it seems for some reason the Wild need to try and mold players into something they are not instead of playing to these players strengths. My guess is that if he did go somewhere else where they play to players strengths he would look pretty good. Look at Haula and Tuch. They played to their strengths and look fantastic.
  2. Honestly if you step away from being a fan for a second and look at this team from afar you can see some major issues. First they played a team that has only scored 2 five on five goals and 3 goals in regulation. The Wild should have the fire power to put the Coyotes on their heels. Factor in the "defensive style" Minnesota is suppose to be known for then the Wild should have won easily. Dubnyk had to make some incredible saves to keep the team in it. As somebody said, if Dubnyk was having a off game it could have easily been 4-1. The Wild appear to be overwhelmed a lot. Speed is lacking. Breakout is lacking. Puck control is lacking. Defense is lacking. Now if this wasn't a on going issue with the Wild it would be easy to wave it off and just call it a fluke. But the M.O. for this team has become this. Now factor in we are the oldest team and these older players are not all of a sudden going to get faster or start doing things they never have done before. People would be wanting heads if the Twins did the same thing. Just a minor tweak cause them made the playoffs. Good teams build a team to win. Then improve it to make the playoffs. Then build it to advanced in the playoffs and finally build it to have a chance to win the championship. Making the playoffs over and over only to squeak maybe one win off in that run is not a sign of a good team or a team a tweak or two away. The Wild are built to be the 15th or 16th place team. Now age and lack of talent is starting to show its head more and more. I am happy that they won. Us Minnesota sport fans have it rough. But I won't blindly follow a team and give them non stop support when there is clearly major issues going on. I will cheer for them but I will criticize them too. Especially with a owner who only thinks a tweak or two will make this team a deep playoff contender when it's becoming clearer and clearer the boat is leaking and patchwork jobs is no longer a option. I love having hockey back. I was heartbroken with Green left with the Stars. I love the Wild but I think the only shot this team had of winning the Cup was the first few years of the Parise and Suter signing but that has since long gone. I don't think this team makes the playoffs this year. If they do I foresee the same results as we have seen for years now. Now I would be happy to eat my words on this and they went deep and showed fight. But Parise and Suter are on the downside of their careers. Parise might be a good check away from retirement. To see a resurgence like Staal has had is very rare. I doubt we see that with anybody else from this group. I hope they win and go deep with this group. I would love for nothing else but I will also see the issues and not ignore them.
  3. I just didn't see the ability in CF to make a winning team. For sure after a few years with Parise and Suter the panic set in and made poor decisions. The draft pick throwaways for rentals that literally disappeared out of the NHL after their time with the Wild was over is by far some of the worst decision making I have seen. That really tells me CF was panicking and throwing away the future for some kind of patchwork that was already shredded up.
  4. Nice to see us get the W but it felt way harder than it should have ever been. The Wild are not passing the eye test right now. If Dubnyk wasn't playing out of his mind and instead the normal Dubs we are use too I don't think we would have one win so far. Dubnyk is really keeping the team in. I can't figure out the lack of confidence and confusion happening on the ice right now. This is basically 95% the same guys for years now but it looks like they are all playing together for the first time ever with no coaching or practice before hand. My one theory on this is that the team has been overachieving for some time and they are coming back down to where they should be. Factor in age and it's a recipe for some very rough times ahead.
  5. I didn't even raz you either but you did to me. I was pointing out facts though. Toews, Kane and Seabrook got to hoist the cup with their contracts. Now just like Parise, Suter and Koivu they are on the down swing of it all.
  6. I am not shocked by it. I was never a CF fan at all. I always thought he got way more credit for his little stint with the Pens then he should have ever gotten. I am curious about who this 27% owner was. I can almost forsee it being somebody who knows hockey well and might have been useful to have. I fear CL being involved with these decisions would be fatal.
  7. Yea the PP is dreadful. It's almost comical. They spend a 10-20 seconds to set up moving the puck into the offensive zone only for them to dump and spend another 20-30 seconds fighting to gain control of the puck. Then the puck is cleared and rinse and repeat. Half the time a Power Play feels more like a penalty as it's 2 minutes of wasted time. Odd how they seem to strike more 5 on 5 then being a man or two up.
  8. This is literally a must win by a few goals game. ARI has literally scored 3 goals in 4 games. If they put up more then 1 goal this game I will be very worried. Hopefully the Wild get up by 2 goals right away and never let up. I am worried we might see the typical Wild and score once and then watch the Yotes put in 2 goals right after. My guess Dubnyk is in and maybe Kuemper is in. It would be the most Minnesota Wild thing for Dubnyk to have a terrible game and Kuemper look like the second coming of Roy.
  9. Lol how is pointing out the facts crying a river?! Everything I said is true. You got to take the blinders off once and awhile. I know the franchise loves fans like you to pull the carriage. The Twins would love you too.
  10. What if a candidate wanted to commit to a rebuild? “I wouldn’t hire that person,” Leipold said. “They will know exactly how I feel. … If they don’t have the same feeling that I do, that we are not far from being the team that we need to be, then that would probably not be a candidate that I would choose.” Source: Duluthnewstribute.com So either Leipold does feel this team is a cup contender or he thinks everybody is stupid enough to settle for a possible playoff spot with a first round destruction and they will keep throwing money at this team. At first I was in the boat thinking it's all about the money but the more I read the interview the more I see a guy who truly doesn't understand his team is not a cup contender and the wrong pieces were signed and now it's a slow dying process until we can fully rebuild.
  11. Hey that show can be at least 4 times as exciting then the Wild right now, lol. But in all honesty, I wish people would come to terms with the fact that this team is just good enough to be a edge playoff team. 2 GMs and 3 coaches and we see the exact same thing. And I mean the exact same thing. Conspiracy theories are silly but I can buy in on the one that certain players have more say and power then the coach does on this team. It would explain a lot of things like why was 9,11 and 20 on the ice so much in OT together and that usually ends up with a big fat L. Why are they out there in a very needed, critical scoring chance when there is clearly better players to have out there for that. Why we sign so many friends of these players with crazy contracts when it's clear that those players are washed up. They are bright sides to this team though. Hats off to Dubnyk. He is playing lights out and probably the only reason the Wild are in any game. Zucker looks like he could have a really good year.
  12. Funny part was I was watching the game with some friends and the one buddy has a wife who never watches hockey and said something along the lines about those guys out there, 9/11/20, looked like guys that don't play much. Explained to her that those were our big paid "super stars" that "would change the franchise" players. She laughed, then we laughed. She also said she felt bad for the "guy in the net" as he appears to be doing everything to win the game well all put maybe 2 or 3 guys seem to looking forward to a vacation. But it's a problem when somebody who doesn't watch the sport can see the issues with the team that the organization can't seem to find or hopes that by ignoring the issue it will get better. I will lay out there that this franchise might be in the worst position it's ever been in. We have nothing as far as draft talent or development. Our team is now the oldest team which shows this was a team bought to win a cup instead of developing one into a cup winner. We got some anchors for contracts on this team that really has limit what can be done. At least one anchor comes off this season but we still have two more for another 5 or 6 years. Players they were banking on being something big, aka Nino and Coyle, have turned up as roadkill. I don't see a lot bright future with this team unless they got really lucky with a trade and/or draft pick. This is a lot of need in both getting correct players and shedding off the anchors. We will see what happens but I don't expect any more then this team to fail to make the playoffs from here tell Parise and Suter are gone and the full rebuild can start. Remember that is still 5 to 6 years away.
  13. Take the selected names and replace with Zucker, Parise, Suter or Staal and you got the same situation. Big paychecks but in the end with the rest of the team clearly not ready to be that cup team we can't expect much. At least Kane, Toews, and Seabrook got to hoist the cup and have their name on it with their contracts. You won't be saying that with Parise, Suter and Koivu.
  14. Got to love when a player is smart enough to figure it out and actually try instead of trying the same thing over and over. Glad to finally see the Wild win one and score more then 1 goal. The first period was rough. It was fun watching Staal and Zucker. But, boy, did the majority of the team look sloooooooooooow. We aren't a physical team and were made as a speed team but he don't look like we have that besides a handful of players. Happy to see the team dig down and play hard to tie the game twice like that. Wish we didn't have to do that but I am glad they responded. It's a good thing Dubnyk is playing as hot as he is otherwise the scores could have been a lot worse. He is looking sharp and like a top 5 goalie for the most part. I still think the Wild don't make the playoffs.

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