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  1. Honestly, why can't they play like this every game. Like @CreaseAndAssist said, they played like/as a team instead of a few individuals. And let's not fool ourselves, goaltending like that will boost any team. I pray this is what Kahkonen will be as this will fill a big gap the Wild have been needing to fix. I hope whatever Devans wife is going through ends up positive but Dubnyk needs to be the third guy now. Stalock is clearly better then Dubnyk and Kahkonen is showing he is probably better then Stalock. If the team is serious about winning then you play your best pieces no matter what. Doesn't matter if those pieces getting bumped off were once a major piece for you. You play your best pieces. It would be awesome to see more games like this. It's fun and exciting to watch. Even better is that it feels "fresh". This is a team I can stand behind and not be upset if they lose as long as they play hard and play as a team.
  2. Except Suter. He loves losing as it means less games to dress up in towards the end of the season. Winning for sure can cure most teams but the Wild aren't most teams. There is for some issues going on behind the scenes. Anytime we see a young and upcoming guy start to catch fire they either get sent down to the AHL, get their TOI cut down or anchored to a struggling vet line where they lose fire and then lose TOI and maybe get sent to the AHL. We have seen this since 11 and 20 got here. It all points back to Leipold. Dude has zero hockey knowledge but continues to insert himself in decisions that GMs and coaches should be making. Then he fanboys out with Parise and Suter, has dinners with them and basically lets them do what they want. We know they have influence. The Adam Oates ordeal shows this. They got nothing for a punishment. If it was any other player there would have been fines and if they are 3rd or 4th liner guys they probably would have been cut.
  3. For sure this. The Wild just don't have the play makers and honestly, chemistry, too fight from a 2-0. Glad they got a win the other night but under the microscope it won't mean too much with the current roster. As much as some people might hearing but we would be a better team with Nino, Coyle and Granlund. Maybe not much more then a bottom 12 team but at least not one of 3 teams fighting it out for the worst team in the league. It honestly feels like the guys on the roster have just given up, which I can't blame them, or have been exposed they don't have the talent and all had a fluke one year ordeal. At this point I don't know if Guerin could do much. We just don't have trade bait to get something to really improve the roster. The guys we probably would best off to move got lock down contracts that even if they waived their NTC no team is going to want them at their contracts. I think Guerin is really going to have to do some great drafting to improve the team as it appears players are now looking away from Minnesota to play for.
  4. Same here. Never bought it once. You have 82 games a season and you show your cards and true colors. The Wild haven't been a buckle down and grind hard team in 10+ years. For some teams this saying could be true but these teams have talent and the will and drive to work and grind hard. The Wild just don't have that. Everything has to fall in place for them or it's over. The roster just isn't good. It doesn't matter who is coaching or the GM. With this roster you are asking the coaches and GMs to cut a Giant Sequoias tree down with a butter knife if you expect a championship out of them. I mean it's possible in a 0.0000000000000000001% chance. It will be so insanely amazing as it's going to take a insane amount of work, grind, willpower and talent.
  5. And therein lies the problem, Craig Leipold. Nothing changes until he either sits down, shuts up, signs the checks and bars any players going to him or he sells the team. I can't see him sitting down so now it's a hope the attendance and money stop flowing in so he sells.
  6. I have had Russo say something I said stupid a time or two on twitter to only watch the team fall apart even more. He's a in disguise Wild hired writer. Funny how he will crap on 4th line guys yet can't stop praising the country club. He probably wears knee pads when he is around the country club if you catch my drift.
  7. I know for sure Koivu, Suter and Parise will never see a cup unless they somehow got traded to a cup winning team. Put I honestly don't think those 3 really care if they win or not. They all got very overpaid with contracts that made it impossible to do anything to them if they don't put any effort or care to win a cup out there. I believe, when people say Parise actually wants to win, it's all a act. If he wanted to win he knew signing that contract was really going to limit the team on what they can do and build. The effort and skill for him as dropped drastically in the last 5 years. I might be wrong but I really do believe he doesn't care about winning a Cup. Look at guys who wanted to win one so badly. The grind they do. The fact they will take over a game and carry it. The drive and fire behind their words. Parise had this the first few years but became very comfortable becoming a GM/Owner and making the team a focus on him and Suter.
  8. My guess is Guerin knows if he blows his chance he might not get another so is just being the company Yes Man and painting a pretty picture where ever he is told. I doubt Guerin is stupid enough to believe what he said. @CreaseAndAssist you know I have forward believed in the toxic locker room. I really hope to hear someday who your source is as I am more curious and don't doubt you one bit.
  9. I think 25 wins could be the ceiling for this team. I would hope for Parise and Suter to waive their NTC but no team in their right mind would pick them up without basically the Wild still paying for at least 55% of their contract.
  10. Been saying it for years, the mighty Scotty Bowman wouldn't have a chance with this squad. I had suspected for awhile that their were always overrated and what we are seeing now is really what they are.
  11. I honestly think BB only has a part input into the lines. Something is right. BB makes his share of mistakes but the guy has always tried to put together a winning team and all of a sudden he doesn't here.
  12. Exactly how I felt. They put a good effort out but even their good effort isn't good enough to win. I feel this team has to put out a beyond great effort to win a game. Maybe a trade or two could change things up but right now I can't see this team winning more then 22 games this season.
  13. Personally, I think they got a big enough say. They can still run to Leipold and Leipold can enforce what they say to Guerin. I just can't shake that feeling until they are both gone. It's Guerins first year so if he wants to continue being a GM he is going to listen to the owner on everything. At least what I suspect.
  14. I think BB has his hands pretty tied up as to who plays and the TOI. I think BB is to stubborn to quit or his ego won't let him so he just deals with the outcome and his answers are becoming more scripted as he is starting to not care. I feel for him. Look at the life and excitement he had when he first got here to what it is now. I do believe if BB could bench whoever he would. We seen him do that at other places but let's not forget it's been proven he has been forced to play players he didn't want too. But he would have to ask his two bosses Parise and Suter first so they can talk to the GM and Leipold about it. It's a chitshow
  15. This is the nail in the coffin that this team has any talent. Literally every player needs to play at 150% of what they can play at for 60+ minutes in order to actually win. Watching how this team just shuts down with zero ability to dig deep and find the will to fight back. We don't have talent. Simply as that. So the team needs to be able to go into the next gear all the time for 60+ minutes a game. I honestly don't think they have the ability to do this either. I want to be excited about prospects but after 3 coaches and 3 GMs and not seeing any type of develop from any prospects in that time I don't have the confidence anything will change at this point. What's even more frustrating is seeing guys the WIld considered prospects or not good enough go elsewhere and shine. We also got to stop and consider that the Wild might be considered the team to skip over going too. Kessel avoid the Wild like the plague well choosing Coyotes to go play for and we all know what a mess that franchise has been. Phil is a smart guy and seen something so bad he would not come here even though this team is supposedly loaded with "talent". Think about that for a minute. I am glad that he didn't sign here but it does say something about him skipping the Wild and signing with the Coyotes when one team is suppose to be a possible Cup runner and the other is in turmoil. We might not be on any talents radar anymore. I really do believe Leipold put this franchise into a corner that is going to take a very long time to recover from. From him acting like a GM, to being BFFs with two certain players, refusing to rebuild, etc. The guy isn't a hockey guy. He's a basketball guy who couldn't afford a NBA team but wanted to be "one of the boys" and own a pro team. He ended up with hockey. Had the Preds for sometime and they were never a threat until he sold the team. It took a few years for the Preds to become that threat as they had to undue years of Leipold decisions. Now we are seeing the same thing with the Wild.

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