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  1. If what I am hearing and the warming house is a lot more emptier then it's ever been then my guess is we are going to see the cheerleaders go cringe worthy cheerleading. As Kirk Lazarus said, "Everybody knows you never go full retard". Get ready for the already kool aid drinkers to do this.
  2. I met Micheletti, he's a nice man but really has become a big cheerleader for the Wild. Funny thing he was on Paul Allen, I believe, this morning and they were talking about Wild and when Pat said the Wild are very close, you could hear the hesitation in his voice like even he didn't believe what he said, lol.
  3. I agree with most people for the most part except Tim on saying Fenton has "wisely avoided making changes just for the sake of change". Fenton, has in fact, made changes for the sake of change. The trades show this. Donato was a complete fluke that nobody say coming but even he died down at the end of the season. The trades didn't make sense for the most part. It ended up being instant upgrades for the other teams well the Wild got beans in exchange. The money saved wasn't much. The constant try to trade Zucker for anything at this point reeks of making a move to make a move. We want to get younger and faster by trading a younger and fastest player we have for guys older and slower?! What?! Overall, I honestly don't know what the Wild can really do here. We have a owner who wants to be involved with hockey decisions when he has very low hockey IQ. He hires yes men GMs who are more then happy to do everything the owner says. Then they decide together to bring in two "big name" players who they center everything around. These players get real friendly with the owner who is worried about being their friend instead of their boss. This allows these two to do what they want and not face consequences of their actions. Example, Adam Oates ordeal. They hire somebody else, go off by themselves with him, ignore the coach and teammates, bring a person out of the organization to the practice, watch coach get fired and suffer no consequences. Now imagine somebody like Spurgeon, Zucker, etc doing this. There would have been huge consequences. We know the locker room is toxic. What hurts more is watching the Blues win the cup is we seen a team who was at one point this season the worst team, come together and become one unit and fight and grind to do what they did. Never once have we seen this team do this since basically the 02-03 season that we made the conference finals with a bunch of "nobodies". I would argue our "leaders" on this team are way more content with making money then ever winning a cup. Honestly, Parise and Suter were in it for the money. They probably thought maybe we could have a shot of winning a cup but money had to be first, second and third with them. There is no way those two could have not realized that eating that much salary from a team wouldn't limit what they could do. And players wanting to win cups are not going to sit on a 13 year contract in case the team they signed too isn't good enough. Now we are starting to see players who are big names and have one it all avoid this team and not want to come here. What should the Wild do? Honestly, a rebuild should happen with the vets having to take the back seat. What will Fenton and Leipold do? Probably continue to believe Suter and Parise are the center piece and super stars like Kane, Crosby, Malkin, etc and "try" to build around them. This includes saying we want to get younger and faster yet trade said younger and faster players for older and slower players. Continue to try to ignore the toxic locker room. Continue to not develop players. Continue to think a tweak or two is all that is needed. Continue to allow 11, 20 and their friends eat the key moments ice team even though they have shown no reason why they should. They will continue to do whatever it takes to get 11 and 20 going which includes breaking up hot lines to get these hot players to try and pass their fire to them. I think Fenton will continue to try to make moves for the sake of making moves. I think he will continue to trade players that have proven for unknown, unproven players. I think he will once again draft guys way higher then they should ever go and pass up other good players. I think they will continue the trend of making the franchise a safe haven for a player who is looking to retire with one last big pay check who doesn't care if they win a Cup or not. This might be the most frustrating Minnesota sports team we have. At least the Vikings, T-Wolves and Twins are trying to improve and they are showing going about the correct way is how you do. The Wild continue to ignore the iceberg the size of Australia in front of them well they go full speed ahead. The culture of the Wild has to change for anything to happen. The fans also have to get over that making the playoffs so many times in a row doesn't mean you are a good team especially if in 6 playoff appearances you have only tallied 12 wins in the first round. This does not make you a good team. First round punching bag for another team is no different then not making the playoffs. Yes it's true the playoffs are a "new season" but the difference between the Wild and the rest of the teams is the rest of the teams become more of a unit, tighten their game and turn up the gears well the Wild have been redlining just to make it to the playoffs and there is no other gears to go too. They don't tighten their game and the roster looks no more of a unit then a group of guys playing in a beer league. I would love to be wrong on this and we do win it all. Nothing would be greater. But I don't think we will see a big culture change until 11 and 20 are gone. This will force the franchise to reset and have to build correctly. You just can't buy a championship anymore. Teams like the Blues are proving this. Teams like Boston have been pretty much the same forever too. As a Wild fan it's frustrating to see teams below us get so much better then us but as a hockey fan it's exciting to see the top dog teams getting knocked down and seeing the bottom feeders beat them.
  4. Fletcher needed to go. No doubt on that. Fletcher was trying to improve the team but just kept striking out. Normally I say give a new GM or coach some time to figure stuff out. As long as they have a game plan and stick to it I am willing to give a shot. Fenton, is a whole different beast. He says faster and younger. Goes to sign Staal (who I love) to a multiyear MTC contract when he is old and slower. What pisses me off more on this is Boston was willing to trade a 1st round for him. I don't care if Staal cries about being traded just trade him. He only has 1 to 3 years left anyways. Is looking to trade our fastest player who is still on the younger side and almost got a old and slow player in exchange. He drafts a guy that everybody said for sure is a 7th rounder in the 1st round. He trades as 1 for 1 deal instead of trying to maximize. And lets be honest here, who would have ever seen this coming from Donato. It's also very possible it was a fluke and Donato goes back to the player that Boston traded which would make ever trade a turd rolled in turds. I guess this draft will seal the deal on Fenton. Personally I would be fine of letting Fenton go and maybe talk to Modano about taking that spot. Also @CreaseAndAssist your write ups and articles really give Russos a run for his money. I find I enjoy yours so much more. You are willing to point out the flaws and not sugar coat it but yet still can give praise in areas that deserve. Bravo!
  5. Incorrect on that they haven't added anything. They actually added a huge anchor the team can't cut in the salary cap. So, technically they did add to this team just in the wrong spots
  6. Kessel is basically Parise when comparing stats with the exception that the last 3 years Phil has gotten better well Parise continues his tumble down the mountain. With that said I am glad Kessel voided the trade. At this point I feel horrible for Zucker. Twice now he was going to be traded to only be voided at the last second. What makes it worse is this is happening to a player who could be argued is a pretty good player who just had a down year last year who the GM is hellbent on trading. I can't imagine what that is doing to Zucker mentally but also what players are thinking when they look at this team. I know if I was a player I would look at this team like Kessel did. I would also question why they are trading away their younger core guys that actually provided for this team. Honestly, the guys they need to trade either have crazy contracts with NTC/MTC and give production that is towards the bottom or just have crazy NTC/MTC that even if they could trade what team would pick them up? I think the Kessel ordeal might be the best for this franchise. Hopefully this opens the door for more big name players to say the same thing. This franchise needs a rebuild. They need to know that they are no where near just a tweak or two away. They need to see the roster is a failure and hanging their hats on the likes of Parise, Suter and Koivu has done nothing for this franchise.The scouts need to go and get new guys in. The GM needs to go as it's clear as the blue skies that he has no idea what he really is doing. I keep hearing we want the team younger and faster so your solution is trade your fastest guy who is younger for a older player who is way slower? Trade guys like Nino for a Rask? It didn't even take Fenton a year to look bad. I didn't like Fletcher but at least he tried to make trades that made sense to try and improve the team. Fenton looks like he is making trades cause he can tie his shoes. No rhyme or reason for them. Just trade. Also get hellbent on dropping one player for no particular reason. What do I think needs to be done? Fire Fenton first. He has no direction and to have a captain with no direction lead a already lost ship just spells disaster. Second, talk to Bruce and tell him that we are going to go to a rebuild. Ask him if he would be on board with a main focus of developing the young guys. Let him know you will be burying the vets to 4th line minutes and give the young guys the prime minutes and key situation minutes and see how they handle it. Three go talk to Kaprizov and tell him you would like to build the franchise around him. Butter him up and make him want to come to this team during a rebuild. Fourth, explain to the fans that a rebuild is needed and going to happen but we have a game plan in place and know the pieces we will build around and know what pieces to get to complete this process. Fifth, if you get any vets it's guys that have been proven to be a big positive locker room presence that have shown in the past that will take guys under their wing to help develop them. We just can't doing the band aid on the bone sticking through the skin ordeal. that has been going on since the day they signed Parise and Suter. It needs to change. If they continue for another 6 years the way they are doing it now the Wild are going to be in some extremely serious trouble.
  7. May 2, 2019 AWAY HOME 3 Boston 2 8 Columbus 3 7:30 PM 3 San Jose 2 8 Colorado 4 10:00 PM
  8. May 1, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Islanders 2 Carolina 4 7:00 PM St. Louis 5 Dallas 4 9:30 PM
  9. April 30, 2019 AWAY HOME Boston 2 Columbus 4 7:00 PM San Jose 3 Colorado 4 10:00 PM
  10. April 29, 2019 AWAY HOME St. Louis 3 Dallas 2 8:00 PM
  11. April 26, 2019 AWAY HOME Carolina 3 N.Y. Islanders 5 7:00 PM Colorado 2 San Jose 4 10:00 PM
  12. April 25, 2019 AWAY HOME Columbus 3 Boston 1 7:00 PM Dallas 1 St. Louis 2 9:30 PM
  13. April 24, 2019 AWAY HOME Carolina 4 Washington 3 7:30 PM
  14. April 23, 2019 AWAY HOME Toronto 4 Boston 2 7:00 PM Vegas 6 San Jose 3 10:00 PM
  15. Boston 2. Toronto 4 San Jose 2 Vegas 5
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