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  1. Doesn't Zucker have something like that too coming up on his contract? Swear I heard something about that. Not shocked by Staals list. Almost forcing the Wild to keep him instead of trading. I like Staal but father time catches everybody. I don't think trading him is really going to net much. Age, contract length left and a major decline in production. Maybe a team that has some hurt players otherwise in good shape to try make a serious run for the cup then maybe a ok player or pick in return. Realistically the Wild really don't have much in trade bait. At least nothing to net them a nice return without the Wild losing a significant piece.
  2. I think the Wild are probably in the worst spot to be in for a pro sport team. Big time contracts, some that you can't move, with no results. You got 14 players with contracts expiring in the next two seasons and some (Greenway, Spurgeon, Granlund) are key guys that will command more money. I am in favor of a full rebuild with Fletcher gone. But it depends what Fentons real game plan is too. The other factor is that the Wild really can't do this for another 6 years when Parise and Suter are gone. But let's look at it realistically here. Struggling players don't recover with the Wild. They get traded elsewhere and figure it out and look good. The Wild don't have issues trading struggling players even if they showed promise. We seen it with Haula, Tuch never had a shot to prove his worth, Nino, etc. So here is how I look at it. Staal- If the Wild are going to try to make the Playoffs then they almost will for sure keep him. To trade him for another player to make a playoff push really doesn't make sense. You won't get a player the same caliber as him at that price. I doubt any team would trade much away considering Staals, age, contract left and his production this year. To trade for the future I don't see any team giving up much more then maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick. Coyle- Interesting as I have no idea what the market is for him. My guess is if you trade for a player you are going to get a solid 3rd/4th liner guy. Nothing flashy but serviceable. I don't think you get much with a $4.2 million contract next year and his poor production this year. Draft wise probably a 3rd rounder for trade. Zucker- Boy..... Maybe if Vegas fans and Vegas will bite big time like Minnesota Wild and fans bite on having a hometown boy on the squad we could snag a nice player or two or a good draft pick. Otherwise I think teams will worry not only about his really down production but even how he doesn't pass the eye test. I don't see other teams offering a fair value for him be it a player or draft pick. Granlund- For the last 3 seasons Granlund has been in the top 3 scoring for us. He is 1 point behind Parise in points at this point for number one spot. By far our most consistent scorer. Teams would love to have a asset like him. I think we could get a good pick up or two for players or draft picks. Spurgeon- Lets no kid ourselves, by far our best defensemen player we have. He's not the scoring machine but he will block pucks with his body and stand up for others even well being on the smaller end in the NHL. He seems to either improve who he is paired with or at least is able to cover their mistakes. He can score too. I can see a bunch of teams that would love him on their ice. I think he could fetch a good player maybe two or a good high draft pick. Greenway- I think a few teams would be interested in a young guy with signs of talent. Him being so young and no proven yet I can't forsee teams offering much for him. A very end of the draft or AHL lifer only. We could trade others but I can't see many teams really looking at them. Nothing of valuable trade at least. And even if we could get Parise and Suter to waive their NTC no team is crazy enough to take their contracts on unless Snow becomes a GM somewhere else again. The Wild really are stuck. To trade Spurgeon and Granlund would be pretty much saying the season is lost but we would also lose key corner stone pieces. I am glad I am not in Fentons shoes. It's damn if you do, damn if you don't. I honestly don't think there is a turn right path. I think a rebuild move is probably a better off move but more painful now then in the long run. My guess is we either see Staal or Coyle trade, nothing major and ride with the rest. I just can't see any trades for players for other guys cause we will probably lose way more value then we gain.
  3. February 18, 2019 AWAY HOME Arizona 2 Calgary 5 Tampa Bay 4 Columbus 3 Ottawa 2 Chicago 3 Vegas 4 Colorado 1 Boston 2 San Jose 4 Washington 5 Los Angeles 2
  4. February 17, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 3 Pittsburgh 4 St. Louis 5 Minnesota 2 Philadelphia 2 Detroit 3 Buffalo 4 New Jersey 2 Montreal 2 Florida 5 Washington 6 Anaheim 3
  5. February 16, 2019 AWAY HOME Detroit 2 Philadelphia 4 Calgary 3 Pittsburgh 2 St. Louis 4 Colorado 3 Edmonton 0 N.Y. Islanders 3 Montreal 2 Tampa Bay 5 Ottawa 3 Winnipeg 6 Toronto 4 Arizona 1 Dallas 3 Carolina 2 Columbus 2 Chicago 3 Nashville 2 Vegas 4 Vancouver 2 San Jose 1 Boston 5 Los Angeles 2
  6. February 15, 2019 AWAY HOME N.Y. Rangers 2 Buffalo 4 Edmonton 1 Carolina 3 New Jersey 4 Minnesota 3 Boston 5 Anaheim 3
  7. Somebody already gave list of players. Maybe they don't always try to make them learn a new skill set but they for sure don't play to that players skill set. That's why you are seeing guys go elsewhere and shine. My guess is if Coyle goes elsewhere (especially Boston) he will look like a first liner and put up some nice looking numbers. You got to admit there is something off with this team. Why is it when players struggle here they don't seem to recover, get moved and then look great elsewhere? I still think the Wild ingrain some traits into players that they never grew up doing. Look at Coyle. He is passing up shot after shot for a pass. His shots have been declining the last few years. It looks like they are trying to make him a giant size Granlund. Things just don't make sense. Hard to believe this isn't what the team wants him to do since he's been doing it for quite some time now.
  8. This and to add on to it is they will make the playoffs going ass backwards in only to be a first round punching bag and the owner once again saying we only need a "minor tweak" to get us over the hump although the core has shown for years and years they have never been good enough to get the team over the hump. Only 6 more years and pretty much all the core guys will be gone....
  9. February 14, 2019 AWAY HOME Calgary 3 Florida 2 N.Y. Islanders 2 Columbus 4 Dallas 2 Tampa Bay 4 Ottawa 1 Detroit 3 Colorado 1 Winnipeg 5 Montreal 3 Nashville 5 New Jersey 3 Chicago 4 St. Louis 5 Arizona 3 Toronto 2 Vegas 3 Washington 2 San Jose 4 Vancouver 3 Los Angeles 1
  10. I figured that is what you are looking at. Thanks for the clarification on this.
  11. February 13, 2019 AWAY HOME Edmonton 3 Pittsburgh 4 Vancouver 4 Anaheim 1
  12. That's what I was trying to say. Our drafting based on our team needs and play style isn't very good. Seems like we like to draft guys that have a certain skill set then try to force them to learn some other skill set and they fail at it then give up on them and trade them. We then see what happens when a team sees their actually skill set and allow them to use it and not force something else on them. They want to build around the core (which every team wants to do) but they draft players that don't have skill sets to help the core out but expect them to learn them instead of drafting guys that have the skill sets to help the core out. But it really doesn't help that our core isn't good either. That's why I say our drafting is bad. I am not going to base it on if they played x amount of games. A team could have a bunch of major injuries that would all of a sudden allow a AHL lifer to play a ton of NHL games. I think games played isn't really a good way to base if drafting was good or not.
  13. This team with a healthy roster could find a way to lose to a team that only has 2 players on it, goalie and wing. I love the 1000 mile stare Dubs must have had on that one goal. Zucker is so bad you forget he is even there. Way to go Zucks on signing that contract and pulling a Suter, aka completely stopping playing. And why is Coyle scared to shoot? My guess is Coyle will be the next guy to go. I can see him going to Boston and looking fantastic there. And Suter... Wow! Anybody who thinks he is anything but a money pit needs to leave the sport of hockey. I hope people will start taunting him all the time. He deserves it! Zero passion and zero care on his part. What a POS! At this point, if you don't think this team needs to be in a full rebuilt then you are either a completely blind homer or Craig Leipolds family member. If we don't rebuild now we will have 6 more years of this before the rebuild will have to start then. The core is shot. Yea, it sucks you blew big money on either average players or just a hair above average players but it's time to let them know they are no longer the core and will not be catered too. Maybe it's time to make it as uncomfortable for the core as possible so maybe they want to waive their NTC and see if we can flush them out. The core has rotted and focusing on them is showing that the team continues to take steps backwards. Think about how bad the Hawks were just a month or two ago. They are 4 points behind us. Once the bottom now have a very real shot at a WC spot. By the end of the week they will probably be a head of us! And you think the Wild have a real shot at ever winning a Cup with this roster? Yea, ok, go back to lighting your crack pipe up!
  14. Are you including guys that the Wild traded before those players hit the 100 or 200 game mark? I think why everybody says our drafting sucks is between these reasons: 1. No Superstar or game/franchise changer has been drafted since Gaborik and Burns. 2. Most of the good drafts sit high in our line up that would otherwise be 3rd or 4th liner guys on other teams. 3. This is more or less because the team doesn't know how to use the players and their skill sets but we see so many players not do much here and get traded to other teams where they become very good talent. Haula, Tuch and Nino are latest examples. Nino has 6 goals in 11 games with the Canes. He had 9 goals in 46 games with us. Hell we even don't bother to communicate with possible our best prospect ever and he figures we want nothing to do with him so he stays in Russia. If we just based "success" off of games played then, yes the Wild are good at drafting. If we actually look deeper into it and how the Wild actually use the player and their skill set the Wild are horrible. My belief is that the next guy we trade will find better success elsewhere. I think between building a team around a very flawed core, not having coaches either coach a players talent out and improve them or coaches that force players to play a different skill set that they don't have, below average scouts, and atmosphere that doesn't seem to help out struggling players unless they are the core and you got a mess of drafting.
  15. I feel for Granlund. He gets sh*tted on well guys like Coyle, Zucker and Staal (Still a fan of his) continue to do nothing. Granlund has pretty much been in top 3 for scoring for the Wild in the last 3 years. Idk, just seems like only select players get called out when there is others performing just as bad if not worse then the called out player. Seems like the whole franchise is a "boys club" and only a select few are part of it well everybody else is a employee at the "boys club".

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