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Forsberg offer....

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Forsberg offered eight-year contract to remain with Predators

Forward can become unrestricted free agent July 13

by John Glennon / NHL.com Independent Correspondent
 June 23, 2022

NASHVILLE -- Filip Forsberg, a pending unrestricted free agent, has been offered an eight-year contract by the Nashville Predators, general manager David Poile said Thursday.

"He's not signing with us for anything less than eight years," Poile said.


The Predators are the only team allowed to sign Forsberg to an eight-year contract; any other team is limited to seven.


Forsberg, who has spent his entire 10-season NHL career with the Predators, had career bests in goals (42), assists (42) and points (84) in 69 games.


The 27-year-old forward is the Predators' all-time leader with 220 goals, and he's fourth in their history with 469 points.


Forsberg can become an unrestricted free agent July 13. He was in the final season of a six-year, $36 million contract ($6 million average annual value) he signed on June 27, 2016.


Poile expressed confidence after the Predators were swept by the Colorado Avalanche in the Western Conference First Round that Nashville would be able to sign Forsberg and said things have not changed much since then. He said the two sides are speaking regularly in an effort to bridge the gap.


"We're still talking, still talking a lot," Poile said. "We just don't have it done. We've got a deadline coming up here in July. So I wish it was done; I said that two months ago. It's disappointing. I'm sure [they're disappointed] because they feel we should be offering something different. We feel that we're in a good spot. We've just got to keep working to get this done."


Forsberg said at the end of the season that he wanted to remain with the Predators.


"I've said that since Day One: The goal is to come back here," he said May 10. "The business side is completely different than the on-ice side. [We'll] just kind of have to wait and see and play it out."

Poile said he hopes Forsberg understands what it takes for Nashville to keep a competitive team around him.


The Predators were the second wild card into the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season, the eighth straight season they've qualified. But in addition to Forsberg, forwards Luke Kunin and Yakov Trenin can be restricted free agents, and forward Tanner Jeannot, who led NHL rookies with 24 goals, will be eligible to sign a contract extension on July 13.


"Filip, in my conversations, he wants to be here," Poile said. "It's really down to a business decision. It's nothing about him not wanting to be here and to go somewhere else.


"We're trying to run the franchise correctly and [offer] what we think is the appropriate [contract] number, not only as a player for him, but it also gets into what we need to be able to put a good team together -- which is Filip's team. If we're offering him an eight-year contract, it's Filip's team for the next eight years. He has to hopefully have a little buy-in to understanding that."


Poile left open the possibility that Forsberg could "take a peek at free agency," while still returning to Nashville. He compared the situation to that of Colorado's Gabriel Landeskog, who signed an eight-year contract on July 27, 2021, the day before the start of free agency last season.



Though signing Forsberg is the Predators' first priority, Poile said other plans have to be formulated in case it does not happen.


"We're taking a position where we feel we're offering the right thing," he said. "They're taking a position where they think it should be more than that. I'm trying to weigh the balances of what I pay to each individual player vs. my total team cap and what other things we need to do to have a good team going forward.


"So they're not wrong, and with all due respect I'm not wrong. Something's got to give in the next couple of weeks for Filip to sign."

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Amazes me how all these players suddenly have "career years" when they are up for new contracts.
I mean, we all know talent resides within a player like Filip Forsberg, but why is it he and others like him, have ok to good years, on occasion a really good one, then just dial it up to "Insane" when it comes time to ask for more big dollars?

Isn't the rest of the time they are on whatever contract they are on JUST as important??
Anyways, that is neither here nor there for this thread I know....it is just mind boggling to me how players apparently think, "Well, need a new contract, I better be dedicated 101%"...as if the rest of the time, 80-90% is ok....

The actual Forsberg contract.
He was a 6M cap hit on his last contract, 27 years old, and if you put aside his crazy 84 points in 69 games of this contract year, he seems more like a 50-60'ish point guy....but NOT because he isn't good enough to do more, but rather, because he can't stay HEALTHY past 60-65 games a season to DO more!

I think Nashville should take that into consideration, though I suspect, in this case (and without really knowing what the level of the prospects in the Nashville system is), Forsberg holds the cards because the Preds may need a player of his talents more than player needs the franchise as I believe some other team will gladly pay him 6M+ (at least!) to go play for them.

So I think Nashville will either be forced to overpay for an injury prone, albeit talented player, or stand firm on an offer and hope Forsberg likes the team that he has grown up in enough to stay on for a reasonable, yet still good payday.........and probably the reason the years were rolled out before the money: as a show, by the Preds to the player and the media, that they WANT Forsberg to stay till he is old, grey, and 35-36.


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2 hours ago, yave1964 said:

This could be the big mistake contract of the year. 8x9 or 7 x9 would be regret waiting to happen within three years.


This could be a mistake of Skinner-sized proportions.


I get where Nashville is on this, but $9+M is a mistake.

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4 hours ago, radoran said:


This could be a mistake of Skinner-sized proportions.


I get where Nashville is on this, but $9+M is a mistake.


First Hayesee, then Ristolainen...could this be Fletchs' trifecta? Maybe throw in a 2nd in (whens our next one?) 2030 for his rights before free agency? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nashville Predators sign Filip Forsberg to 8-year extension

The Nashville Predators have re-signed forward Filip Forsberg to an eight-year contract extension days before he was set to reach unrestricted free agency, the team announced on Saturday.

Forsberg's deal carries an average annual value of $8.5 million against the NHL salary cap, a source confirmed to ESPN.

There was no word on no-trade or no-movement clauses in the contract, although Predators general manager David Poile indicated recently they were likely to be part of that new contract.

Forsberg, 27, had 84 points in 69 games last season for Nashville including a career-high 42 goals. He has spent his entire 10-year NHL career with the Predators after the Washington Capitals traded a then-prospect Forsberg to Nashville in 2013. The forward from Sweden has 469 points in 566 career games and is the franchise leader with 220 goals.


There was concern in Nashville that Forsberg could walk away as a free agent. As late as June, there was a significant gap in contract talks. But Nashville held on to him through the NHL trade deadline, believing it could find some common ground in talks eventually.


Forsberg's $8.5 million AAV makes him the highest-paid forward on the team, making slightly more annually than Matt Duchene and Ryan Johansen ($8 million each). Forsberg's contract slots him second on the team behind captain Roman Josi, a defenseman who makes $9.059 million on average against the cap.


The Predators were the only team that could give Forsberg eight years, per the NHL's free-agent rules.

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