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Giroux signs with the Ottawa Senators


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42 minutes ago, Cheesesteak said:

We all knew he most likely was not coming back to Philly but this news still sucks.  Official end to another era in Flyers history, thanks for all you've done in Philly Claude.


looks like $6.5 a year avg.



Giroux and DeBrincat together ...... oh what could have been ......

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7 minutes ago, CoachX said:

looks like an aggressive retool


It's not an aggressive retool. There was nothing there to "retool" - they rebuilt, missing the playoffs the past five years.


Fun facts :

  • They had three guys on long term (2+) deals coming into this offseason. The Flyers had nine.
  • Sens have three times as many playoff round wins in the past decade than the Flyers do
  • they had twelve more points than the Flyers last year

It pretty much looks like what you can do when you don't "spend to the cap" every year and go chasing whatever "best available" FA is available to fill whatever perceived hole in the "definitely a playoff team" needs to be filled. Husband your resources and then make a big splash when the opportunity presents itself.


A solid benchmark for this season is looking like Sens v. Flyers.

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It’s hysterical to me all these posts that the Flyers will be worse than some other team (Buffalo, Ottawa, Chicago, etc.) if they don’t sign some UFA to a dumb deal when the fact is the Flyers are already worse than those teams precisely because the Flyers are constantly signing some UFA to a dumb deal.

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