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Some Pens fans want to trade either crybaby or malkin

Guest pilldoc

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they have a point...other than 2009 (when they had a supreme surrounding cast and fleury was in top form), neither one seems mature enough to handle being 'co-stars.' other than at the end of this regular season, they rarely both play to their potential simultaneously. couple in crosby's potential to have his career ended with one hit, and its a valid point. not to mention they both have almost $9mil/yr cap hits, right?

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lol I like this one

How many of you would trade Malkin or Crosby straight up for Shea Weber? As long as we have one of Crosby or Malkin we would benefit so much from a presence like Weber.

I think they mentioned Weber because they saw him get away with slamming Zetterbergs face into the boards with no suspension.

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The Pens are saddled with their "two superstars" for at least next season. Interestingly, Malkin has the longer contract.

Maybe something Neal should have thought about before signing through 2018.

You know some Canadian team would love to have Sidney Crosby on their squads.

The name "Tronno" comes to mind.

A match made in hockey heaven. The Leaes can have "the best player in the world" and still miss the playoffs, but on the upside Canada again is the favorite in the Olympic Diving competitions.

Remember, the Pens aren't afraid to suck. They have a long, storied history of failure between their successes.

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