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Meszaros out for Round 2

Guest DaGreatGazoo

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That's not good news...... Well hopefully we'll see Grossmann back.

I guess the pairings will look like the following:



Gustafsson/Lilja (crap)

I'd insert Kubina somewhere in there if Lilja or Gustafsson crap the bed.

More and more I want to see the Devils at this point. In my opinion they are paper thin up front behind thier 1st line. I'd 100% start Kubina if we play the Devils as he has the most experiance against Kovalchuk. He actually may be movtivated to shut his [Kovalchuk's] punk-ass down.

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Comcast Sportsnet in Philly just said that Meszaros will not play in Round 2......

I wouldn't be quick to believe that report. The following suggests otherwise:

Meszaros making strides for Flyers

Defenseman Andrej Meszaros practiced with the Flyers on Tuesday for the first time since his March 21 back surgery.

Meszaros wore a no-contact jersey during drills at the Flyers' facility in Voorhees.

"I'm really encouraged," coach Peter Laviolette said.

At the time of the surgery, the Flyers said Meszaros would miss six to eight weeks.

Based on that estimate, the earliest he could return would be midway through the second round of the playoffs.

Defenseman Nick Grossmann skated before practice but did not participate in team drills. He apparently suffered a concussion in Game 4 against Pittsburgh after absorbing hits from Evgeni Malkin and Tyler Kennedy.

I don't think the Flyers themselves know when Mez will be back but I think the news is more encouraging than not.



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Did he have a set back or were earlier reports just wrong?

Meszaros wore a “no contact” jersey. He participated in some, but not all drills. He is being worked slowly back into a routine.

The Flyers have been dead silent on his status, but according to one person familiar with his situation, as of last week, Meszaros was approximately three weeks away from playing again. The original time line for Meszaros' return was 6-8 weeks. It's been four now so, the very end of the second round or early third would be six plus weeks.


Sounds like he's basically on schedule.

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