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Canucks sign Ericksson

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Ericksson chose Vancouver over the Flyers.

Chalk up another goaltending mistake on Holmgren

The Flyers appear to have made a mistake in signing Hovinen rather than signing Eriksson and allowing him all the time he needed to be ready to come over to North America. He'd have been on the final year of an entry-level deal next season as a Phantoms rookie.

Over in Sweden, Eriksson split playing time with Skellefteå roughly in half with Markus Svensson. Eriksson started 30 games, posting a 1.67 GAA, .931 save percentage, 21 wins and five shutouts. Svensson played in 27 games,with a 2.04 GAA, .919 save percentage, 17 wins and three shutouts. In the first round of the playoffs, the two netminders continued to share playing time. Thereafter, a red-hot Eriksson became the go-to goalie for the duration of the postseason.

Ultimately, Eriksson backstopped Skellefteå to the Swedish championship. During his magnificent playoff run, he posted three shutouts, 1.06 goals against average and .952 save percentage.

Meltzer has the write up.

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Chalk up another goaltending mistake on Holmgren

It not even that it's was a mistake, the worse part is that the guy they chose to go with instead can't even shine on a ECHL teeam....man when they miss THEY MISS!!!!!

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I think this says it all:

Based on advice from scout and former pro goalie Neil Little, the Flyers felt the waiting time on Hovinen to be ready for North American hockey would be shorter than the wait on Eriksson. They signed the big Finn and chose to relinquish Eriksson's rights. Eriksson became a free agent for NHL purposes in the summer of 2011.

No patience. Period.

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At that point, rushing was their game plan. The pipeline was bare, and Backlund was on his way out. I want to know why they didn't try both.

Holmgren is always at the max 50 contracts. He had to choose, who would be ready first.

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